Turquoise Wedding at St Cuthbert's Church Lytham & Northcote Manor

This fabulous Lytch Gate looks amazing with a bright blue sky, our gorgeous bride Claire wanted this Lytch Gate decorating with a passion, it was number one on her wedding flower wish list.

We arranged two fabulous Traditional Pedestals in Church to frame the ceremony area

St Cuthbert's Church in Lytham is such a fabulous Church it really does have it all, Bells, red Carpet a magnificent music department, Lytch Gate and an exceptional Minister too!
Stewart Claire's very handsome Groom wore a fresh Crystal Blush Calla Lily in his Lapel
The Best man wore an Ivory Akito Rose Boutonierre The Brides Mum wore an ivory and pale blue eppaulette Corsage
wish list. To balance the Lytch Gate decorations we placed two bay trees and Nephrolepis ferns on either side of the Church door.
We used Blue Delphiniums & Hydrangeas and Green Shamrock & dangling Amaranthus
Glass orbs with candles hung from the Lytch Gate The Bridesmaids carried simple Bouquets of Crystal Blush Calla Lilies & Nigella (Love in the Mist) these tomned perfectly with their pale turquiose gowns.
The Bridesmaids were wearing a shade of Turquoise/Aquamarine which looked heavenly
And there were two little flower girls that sprinkled fresh rose petals up the aisle

Claire's gentle shower wedding bouquet included fresh Lily of the Valley, Crystal Blush Calla Lilies, Sweet Peas and Love in The Mist

Huge Congratulations to Stewart & Claire
Grooms Mum wore a blue corsage

Then to Northcote Manor for the celebrations

Where a tradional top table dominated the room and Simple Goldfish Bowls were used in the centres of the guest tables
The Cake was made by the bakers at Chatsworth House and was decorated with tiny Rosebuds and Delphinium Heads

This was a glorious wedding day and Flower Design are delighted to have been a part of it.


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