Vote For Your Favourite Door Wreath to Find the 2010 King or Queen of the Flower Design Wreath Makers

I hope you'll love these fabulous door wreaths and the great images by Jonny Draper.
Please post a comment at the end of this posting to vote for your favourite Christmas Door Wreath, let us know why you like it best, the winner will be crowned King or Queen of the Wreath Makers and will be presented with a huge bouquet of glorious fresh flowers on Christmas Eve at Flower Design HQ
Number 1.
Number 2.
Number 3.
Number 4 and Number 5.
Number 6
Number 7.
Number 8 and Number 9
Number 10 and Number 11.
Number 12, Number 13 and Number 14
Number 15, Number 16, Number 17 and Number 18
Number 19
Number 20
Number 21
Number 22
Number 23
Number 24
Number 25
Number 26
Number 27
Number 28
Number 29
Number 30
Number 31
Number 32
Number 33, Number 34 and Number 35
Number 36
Number 37
Number 38
Number 39
Number 40
Number 41
Number 42 and Number 43
Number 44
Number 45 and Number 46
Number 47
Number 48
Number 49 and Number 50
Number 51
Number 52
Number 53 and Number 54
Number 55
Number 56
Number 57
Number 58 and Number 59
Number 60
Number 61 and Number 62
Number 63
Number 64, Number 65 and Number 66
Number 67
To Vote all you need to do is...
1. Click on the word "Comment" below
2. Write the Number of your favourite and why you like it.
3. Choose your identity (You may need to open a google account which is dead easy just follow the instructions)
4. You will need to do a little word verifcation (Thanks Sprout!)
5. Then Click on "Publish comment" (Your comment won't come up immediately so don't panic)
Closing Date for voting 23rd December at midnight!!!!


Steph Sutcliffe said…
I really like No. 22 - they are all fantastic and I would be happy with any of them, but am a sucker for that pink star pattern :)
Good luck to all taking part!!

Steph x
Sprout said…
My vote is for 52. I love the lime green foliage, the swirlies stuff, and what looks to be lots of holly!

PS You forgot the Word Verification step in how to make comments. ;-)
Steph do you think you might mean 21 as that's the one with the pink star in it????
Thanks for voting by the way
kaleda said…
My vote is for 21. Exelent!!!
Anonymous said…
Number 40 for its beautiful golden appearance. My keyboard is giving up the ghost I hope this comment makes it!

Love Saltastic xx
Anonymous said…
my vote is for number 7,looks good and appears to be different to the rest
Anonymous said…
I like no 40 for its simplicity and gold is my Christmas theme colour for Christmas this year
Charlie said…
I vote for number 23! It's a classic design. x x
Alex said…
Number 27 lovely use of colour.
Steve said…
I vote for number 7 as it is the only one that looks christmassy if there is such a word, and the woman in it looks quite "hot"
Anonymous said…
My vote goes to number 7! Its a beautiful shape and full of colour! Well done.
Shell said…
My vote is for number 23 love the dotty ribbon and the wicker heart in the middle - lovely xx
Adam said…
my vote is for my gorgeous finacee's number 23 it looks fabulous on our front door x
Priscila said…
vote nÂș 21

Shirley said…
I vote #23 - Beautiful x
Kayla said…
I vote number 23 a stunning wreath and very festive xx
Kayla said…
I vote for number 23, love the design!! xxx
Rosalind said…
I vote for no 23 it is gorgeous
mami said…
I am voting for 23 because it is the best wreath I have ever seen and it now makes it look the best house in Blackpool. Oh and the best person made it xxxx
Pam said…
No 23 is fan daby dosey x
Steve said…
Number 23 - they smell nice
Porsche said…
I vote for 23 because i think the design is the best!
Anonymous said…
No 23 - Best looking....wreath's not bad either x
Pad said…
I vote for number 23 because my princess made it
nicola said…
i just love no:23 looks great shame its not hanging on a door in manchester ;)
Mo said…
I vote for 23 because its the best desgin, size and colours
Anonymous said…
No 23 best for me - very festive
Anonymous said…
Love no23 like the tangerines on it
Anonymous said…
No 23 rocks my xmas

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