I am a Cover Girl!

I am quite certain that those of you who know me well would never imagine the word Style and an image of myself to be on the same page, however I do feel quite sure you all imagined me as a cover girl! This lovely magazine I am reliably informed by my very good friends at The Gazette is available from local newsagents, and for those of you who are uber-rich and have an excellent post code you will get me dropped through your well healed letterbox free of charge, you know how it is "Much gets More Jane". I would really like a sell out and the necessity for second and third print runs due to the overwhelming popularity of the cover girl, I fear I may be The Fyldes equivalent of "Cheryl Cole", I now imagine you all thinking "Yes I can see the similarity".
Our house has photographed really well, it looks bigger and better than it does in real life, MTV's Cribs are booked in for next week. My friends also photographed surprisingly well, I tried to select my very best looking pals for this high profile photo shoot but none of them could make it and we had to have ...from left to right around the table Sue McKenna, Mark Smith, Sally Wilkinson, Claire Smith, The Big Guy, Me & Mike Mckenna.
We have a superb dinner party menu complete with recipes and suggestions of where to buy the very finest of The Fyldes fresh flowers

This particular picture makes me look a little "Wired" but it's all good fun!
I do keep banging on about "Keep it Local", I know I am a pain in the proverbial ass but please, please support your local Fylde Coast businesses those of us who have been at your service for many a year need your support right now, remember "Your County Needs You To Shop!" There may be a hint of truth in the rumour that road blocks will be set up on the M55 on Saturday to prevent the max exodus of shoppers leaving for The Trafford Centre etc, you will be sent back to shop on The Fylde! (I think this may be another dream I had, a delightful one though)


Adam Hill said…
Congratulations on your "Front Cover" Jane. Vogue and Cosmo next.
Move over Kate Moss. !!!
Anonymous said…
Jane you are very funny, I love your blog so much, can you start posting twice a day so I can have another read during the afternoon tea break. Love M. x
Anonymous said…
I am totally committed to buying locally this Christmas you have convinced me, when will the pictures from last nights wine tasting be on?
Anonymous said…
Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant! Everyone Shop in St. Annes! Love the cover shot, where can I get the mag, tried J&R's they haven't got any! S. x
Rachael said…
The article is truly amazing Jane! I feel it captures the evening brilliantly and Im so pleased to have been apart of it! Many thanks to you and Jason.
(However, if you think your pic looks a 'little wired' it is nothing compared to mine!!)

I also advocate shopping locally this christmas - save those extra pennies petrol wise people!!
Anonymous said…
Jane, I never understood the point of a 'blog' until I read yours?
Very funny Jane, keep it up.
[ By the way I promise to give the suffolk
bacon to the dog and buy Lancashire bacon instead.]
I will post wine tasting pictures over the weekend, I have weddings to attend, Christmas parties to decorate and most importantly the annual Flower Design knees up on Saturday night so I will do my very best for you all!
Anonymous said…
Fylde Style can be purchased at the following places in Lytham & St Annes (for that ideal Xmas gift):

W H Smith
Co-Op Late Shop
Alexandria News
G & R Newsagents
BEG St Annes Office
Carrs News
J Sainsbury
Co-Op Late Shop
Singleton Avenue Stores
Booths Supermarket
Salcotes News
Croft Newsagents
Co-Op Late Shop
The Magazine Shop
P & P Stanley Newsagents
Kelly's Newsagents
Bargain Booze

Anonymous said…
Thank goodness I've got a copy! You look great everyone Claire looks particularly festive!

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