Wedding Dress Shop Profile 2. Dreamcatcher

Welcome to Dreamcatcher of Wesham/Kirkham, Dreamcatcher is a lovely family business owned and run by mother and daughter team Gill & Georgina, they stock a fabulous range of designers including Sassi Holford, Kate Sherford, Benjamin Roberts and my personal favourite Suzanne Neville. I love the cosy atmosphere and the relaxed but extremely knowledgeable approach to their clients.
There is no doubt that their attention to detail is second to none but it seems to be achieved effortlessly and without fuss and un-necessary drama. These are some beautiful examples of their work, Cathy above gave the girls at Dreamcatcher a bit of tall order, she had been let down by her dress supplier three weeks before her wedding and Gill managed to source this fabulous Suzanne Neville gown for her just in time. I have to say I wouldn't recommend this approach and would suggest a good 6-12 months notice is more the norm.

Caroline above looked truly divine in this superb gown, we created a very simple bouquet for her that complimented the shade of her bridesmaids perfectly, we used Cezanne Roses, Pink Ixia, Fresh Lily of the Valley, Crysstal Blush Calla Lilies and rolled leaves to give it a contemporary twist.

This photograph was taken by the very wonderful Steve Ashton of Ashton Photography. Isobel wore a magical Kate Sherford gown, we loved the colours for a fairytale Christmas Eve Wedding, Isobel carried a bouquet of white Phalaenopsis Orchids, Cream Vendella Roses, Silver Leaf & Kochia alongside Eucalyptus Pods and steel berries and a very seasonal and romantic cluster of fresh Mistletoe in the heart of her bouquet.

And this write up wouldn't be complete without a picture of "The Lovely Jane" from Pure Beauty wearing her fabulous Suzanne Neville gown, Jane carried a bouquet of Cosmos "Chocolate Anemone", Paphiopedilum Orchids, Poppy Seed Heads, Black Baccara Roses and Fresh Lily of the Valley.

This is Helen one of the seamstresses at Dream Catcher, they do all of their own alterations and will even make you Gents Ties to co-ordinate perfectly with the Bridesmaid's gowns.

I love this colour for Bridesmaids and these ties will just look simply superb, it's all in the detail girls!

The shop is an Aladdins Cave of wonder, room after room, upstairs, downstairs and around the back, the shear scale of stock being carried for your choice and selection is breathtaking, I could've stayed all day!

There is an entire room dedicated to underwear and accessories

They have veils in every shade and every length, sparkly ones and plain ones, the choice is yours.

They modelled this body shape on my own, I just keep it well hidden not wanting to create a wave of envy amongst my friends. This is upstairs where they have a rainbow range of bridesmaids gowns.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this a wedding dress with sleeves. Very Maid Marion but utterly lovely. I must get asked weekly if I know anytwhere they can get a wedding dress with sleeves from, now I do!

The jewelled details and motifs are exquisite and a testament to the buyers, I thought the necklace was just fabulous.

This is the lovely Georgina holding an exceptionally gorgeous Suzanne Neville silk gown, so simple but so perfect.

And Tiaras too! who could ask for more, my ideal Christmas dinner would include me dressed to the nines with the fabulous necklace, this amazing tiara and my wonderous figure dressed to perfection, I could potentially, given my age, look a bit like the Fairy Godmother in Cinderella but who cares! it's Christmas!

I loved my visit to Dreamcatcher it felt like a very special place to buy a very special gown from. The parking is brilliant. I think it is vitally important to book an appointment they are soooooo busy, and if I were you I'd avoid weekends, cos I wouldn't want to share my Dreamcatcher experience with too many other brides, they do do a late night on a Thursday which is great!


Anonymous said…
I've just stopped to have my lunch at my desk as usual and your lovely blog popped and a new posting was there for me to read and oh what a lovely read, you do have the very best job in the world, my sister is getting married next year so I will put Dream Catcher on the list of shops to visit in fact it will be first!
Anonymous said…
Fab idea, we won't have to leave home, you can do our investigating for us, will certainly be giving dreamcatcher a look. love em
Anonymous said…
I'd be like a child in a sweetie shop, may be you and Jaason should do it all again if only to satisfy your very obvious need for over dressing!, I didn't know this shop existed I will be putting in my little black book for when the time arises, I'm hoping for a Christmas proposal. S x
Anonymous said…
Do you know if the can do size 18 dresses?
Stephanie Ashton said…
Isabels gown was magnificent, so stylish and beautifully made. If fact all our brides who wear a 'Dreamcatcher" gown are always delighted and rave over the service and choice available to them!!

Photographing so many weddings allows me to see many beautiful gowns and you can always spot a gown from Dreamcatcher because it is so beautiful and fits perfectly!
Anonymous said…
Jane can I just say your body shape is far more cuddly and I for one prefer it that way, will you be profiling restaurants next. I promise to spread the word about dream catcher to anyone at work that may be getting married! Love Marie x
Anonymous said…
I bought a dress from Dreamcatcher in early 2007, The shop should be called NIGHTMARE MAKER!!! do not go to this shop! Despite spending almost £2000.00 they refused to give me a credit note for a £70 choker that I had been rushed into purchasing. They then refused to carry out the alterations. I was left with a complicated dress that did not fit! They almost ruined my special day and I had a terrible upsetting time trying to get the dress sorted out. DO NOT HAND OVER ANY MONEY!I purposely selected a small family run shop, hoping for that extra special treatment and was left in tears. PLease be warned and choose somewhere else for your special day. I would hate anybody else to go through the same upset I did. I still have the choker and never did wear it.
Thank you so much for sharing this. The flowers make the wedding more perfection I love it. Keep posting!


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