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Spring TeePee Open Day at Silverholme with Special Event Tipis Featuring Beautiful Images from Jenny Heyworth Photographer

Spring Wedding Open Day at Silverholme on the Graythwaite Estate with Special Event TipisTypical Type, massive thanks to  Jenny Heyworth Photography  for providing some beautiful images for this blog post The Tee Pees couldn't have been set in a more beautiful landscape than here at Silverholme, it truly is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful spots in the world even at this time of the year with no leaves on the trees, no blue sky and just a little precipitation. We felt it was important in this rustic and authentic landscape to design pieces that fitted with the space, we loved these beautifully texture hearts dressing the doors to the tipi.

Outside the team from Special Event Tipis had erected a naked Teepee, we hung a fabulous foliage chandelier in the centre and the great folks from Typical Type dressed it with lights This would be a magical setting for a Ceremony

Inside the cosy and warm teepee we'd dressed lots of tables with a variety of different themes all wit…

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