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A Little Preview of Frankie & Dan's Wedding Flowers at Bartle Hall

Massive Congratulations to the completely beautiful Francesca & Daniel who were married yesterday at magnificent Bartle Hall, they were surrounded by a plethora of family, friends and some pretty amazing fresh fragrant flowers... This splendid hoop of fresh flowers and fragrant foliages marked the beginning of the aisle and framed the ceremony exquisitely (the hoop frame was supplied by the great folks at Typical Type) The Windsor Suite at Bartle Hall looked truly magical and worthy of the promises and vows exchanged by Frankie & Dan Exquisite pedestals of fragrant Stocks, Peonies, English Garden Roses, huge Cafe Au Lait Dahlias,  Hydrangeas and elegant plumes of Phalaenopsis Orchids, filled the air with the scent of summer Our Bride Groom Dan hails from Austria and his Bride Frankie from England so we decided on a fusion for his rather special boutonniere of Austria Edelweiss and an English Rose 'Purity' teamed with fragrant Lily of the Valley, Rolled Peony Petals &a…

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