The Full & Fabulous Posting of Sarah & Leigh Stone's Amazing May Day Wedding at The Great Hall at Mains

Michelle, Sarah's gorgeous Mum first enquired about Flower Design creating the flowers for this wedding over two years ago, since then we've all become friends, Michelle & Sarah have been to every Supper Club, Workshop and Wedding Fayre we've ever done. As a result I truly understood exactly what was required of the flowers; I knew pink was a major factor, I also knew that "bling" played a massive role and that I couldn't possibly do too much of either, Michelle & Sarah knew what to expect, they are educated in weddings, they knew what they wanted and all I had to do was deliver...
Sarah's wedding bouquet included "Papillion" Hydrangeas, "Sarah Bernhardt" & Festiva Maxima" Peonies, fresh Lily of the Valley, Sweet Peas, David Austin's Miranda & Patience & Sweet Avalanche, Mimi Eden & Dolce Vita, I also included a plethora of exquisite authentic vintage brooches in between and amongst the flowers.
We did the all essential FD bouquet holding lesson...
To me the most important thing is to get the colour right, I honestly don't believe in flat pink (or whatever colour and white, I love to blend the shades so that the overall effect is just beautiful, but has texture, light and shade, and above all interest, it's so important to consider skin tone and of course how bright the day may be, so in Sarah's flowers I've included whites and ivories to Patience's almost buttermilk cream and then in the pinks from the palest blush, to the almost watermellon shade of Dolce Vita.I pinned on Sarah's Dad Sean's Buttonhole Rose

...And introduced Michelle to the flowers on her hand bag.

We'd decorated the family home the night before with a fabulous stair case swag and I love the front door's "Open Heart" welcome!
Back to the very elegant surroundings of The Great Hall at Mains....
This was my team for the day; Senior Florist Rachel, Lottie and my best wedding driver ever Malcolm!
Rachel & I made these huge LSA column vases of Cherry Blossom, Peonies, Hydrangeas, Roses & Phalaenopsis OrchidsWe hung small glass lanterns from the branches

We attached fragrant posies of Sweet Peas to the last Chair in alternate rows, (I still don't know why they call Sean "Little Dad" he's really tall!

Malcolm lined the aisle with LSA Hurricane Lamps and we drizzeled fresh fragrant David Austin Rose Petals Both registrars tables were dressed with huge garlands of Roses, Peonies, Phalaenopsis Orchids, Sweet Peas & Hydrangeas.

The Flower Design seating plan, the tables were all named after Disney Princesses, so each of the tiny posies were chosen to represent the particular princess, they were also sprinkled with just a little fairy dust too!

Creative Cover Hire dressed all the chairs, swagged the ceiling and covered our pedestals which I think really completes the scene perfectly.Out doors the tables were adorned with Bird Cage lanterns surrounded by flowers and butterflies
We used a large Birdcage sat in it's own garden of fresh blooms to collect all of the gift cards

The bar tables were given a vintage crystal treatment with lovely crystal cake stands and candelabras

Then the boys started to arrive
Leigh, Sarah's handsome Groom wore a buttonhole personally designed for him by his bride, Sarah asked for the leaves to be outlined in diamantes to co-ordinate with the bodice on her own gown, we've also used a Miranda Rose & fresh Lily of the Valley.
Chriss from TGHM was looking after everyone (even applying a touch of concealer to Leigh's shaving injury)

The very young and glam, groom's mum wore a Vanda Orchid and tiny rose buds on her wrist.

I adore Michael, Sarah's brother, he is totally gorgeous!...And then the rest of the boys arrived
My two favourite girls Leanne & Sheree looking very, very beautiful!

Wrist Corsages were in abundance

Rachel & Lottie created a carpet of Rose Petal Kisses all the way up the aisle!
From left to right Adele Yeomans (owner of TGHM), Me, Chriss (Manager of TGHM) & Janet Fenton (Graham Fenton Experience)

Lizzie (TGHM) & Lucy (With a Twist Caterers) and we were all out there waiting for the arrival of ...
The Girls Hanna, Michelle & Caz
Sarah's Wedding Bouquet
Sarah & "Little Dad" Sean arrive at the office to meet with the registrars
Chriss escorted the gorgeous Michelle to her seatThe Bridesmaid's posies of Roses Sweet Peas & Peonies

The colours looked absolutely perfect even in the brilliant sunshine.
The Bridesmaids gowns were from Dream Catcher Bridal in Kirkham and were fitted perfectly
The lovely Bridesmaid line up ready to take their cue to head off down the aisle, the super beautiful Chloe was first...
Then gorgeous Caz
Then stunning Michelle

And finally the very beautiful Hanna

Saving the very best til last, Sarah & Sean, Sarah looked completely breath taking
The Biggest ever congratulations to Sarah & Leigh from all of us at Flower Design

Stepping out into brilliant sun shine
My beautiful friend Michelle, Michelle you planned the most spectacular day possible for Sarah & Leigh! I'm so proud of you!

Then the Chimney Sweep arrived...

Caroline & Michael Challinor were the photographers for the day and with twenty years experience under their belts they really do know what they're doing, can't wait to see their work!

Looking for Lady BirdsFound one!
Nichola from with a Twist leads out the Bride & Groom's canapes

There was so much laughter all day

The Top Table was garlanded with fresh flowers and then lined with crystal candelabras

The May Pole was danced around
"Isn't she lovely!"
Sheree from One & Only in Preston provided the exquisite "My Lady" wedding gown and dressed Sarah on the day perfectly
Paul Guard was as always phenominal!!!

Fresh Fragrant Rose Petal Confetti
Sheree & LeanneHanna & Callum
Me & Janet
The speeches were totally brilliant but my own personal favourite was the speech given by the bridesmaid's they were just brilliant! Chris Hurst the Magician was brilliantThis really was an exceptional day from start to finish, the team at TGHM are incredible and I love them!
Many, many thanks to Michelle & Sean for inviting me, I had the very best of days and fell asleep with a big grin on my face (Jase told me), it is such an honour to be invited to a wedding so thank you from the bottom of my heart!


my goodness so many photos. Did oyu stay all day for this one?? WOW what a large wedding!! lot's of flowers my fav kind.. very nice soooo pretty!
becki said…
Wow jane, it's lovely to see everything put together, the flowers took my breath away especially how they transformed the room for each setting, Sarah just looked so stunning in her dress, and the bridesmaids looked beautiful in there dresses, I definately know where to go for my flowers when I (if I ever) get married!
Adele Yeomans said…
Jane ,
every time I write on here I say how wonderful you and your creative team are and how magnificent your floral arrangements are, but this time...
words fail me. Almost!

As we saw the look on Sarah's face as she entered the Hall...and she cried with joy and excitement - both Mel and I burst into tears as well...........
Janet Fenton said…
Jane you and the team surpassed even yourselves this time! Having seen many of your wonderful creations this is the best ever! Michelle and Sarah have exquisite taste and you and all at TGHM made their dreams come true. This really was the most amzing wedding and the attention to detail was incredible.It was a delight to be part of such a spectacular occasion.
Awesome stuff Jane!

Nice shots as well! (I'm starting to get nervous!)

Flowers said…
I am amazed to see such a beautiful flower arrangement on wedding. The wedding bouquet looks awesome. Each and every picture on your blog looks perfect.
Absolutely Stunning!!!
You are such an inspiration to me Jane,
Thanks for sharing!

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