Our Brand New Flower Design Baby is Born....

Ever since I was born, the original Flower Design Baby (Incidentally I was born in a flower shop) I have loved, eaten, slept, breathed and dreamed of flowers, I have truly believed that the world revolves around them, but as I've got older I've come to realise that it isn't actually the flowers that the world revolves around moreover its the reason for the flowers, the Birth, the Anniversary, the Tradition, the Celebration and of course the softening of Sorrow, flowers have power you see, they are a living breathing, utterly beautiful and dynamically uplifting part of life and culture that makes us human.

I have always felt immensely privileged to be involved in my customers lives, to be a part of their "Big Days" whilst always respecting them and their hopes and dreams.

Without exception Wedding Days are my passion, to me it's like spring, it's the start of new life, new beginnings and ultimately a public show of love, affection and what the Bride & Groom are all about, what their taste is like, what's important to them and where they're going, onward and upward....


For the past four or five years we've been developing Flower Design to be "The Wedding & Event Designers of Lancashire" we wanted to offer a seriously sublime and totally unique service, with every thought considered and every Bride & Groom enjoying a thoroughly in depth creative experience resulting in a perfectly styled wedding day, perfectly proportioned to them a huge or an intimate affair.


Consequently Flower Design has evolved, our services and facilities have grown resulting in something rather like "The House That Jack Built" with the Fridge unit down the alleyway behind M&S and the Work Room down the other alley way, the Bridal Studio up stairs at the shop.


So from this point forward we are going to be 100% dedicated to weddings and events with none of the usual tedious flower shop diversions of deliveries, Interflora, Peak Periods and day to day retail mithers.


Creatively we've just got better and better with design ideas overflowing at our regular design meetings on Monday mornings, the only thing holding us back was the discipline of the retail shop, space and not having all of our facilities under one roof !


So finally after months of planning and searching our "New Flower Design Baby" will be born to very proud parents on 30th March, over the next week we will be moving lock stock and barrel to a fabulous purpose built facility complete with all sorts of exciting extras including a full banqueting dining table to try out table designs, lots of hands on opportunities for our clients, to touch, smell and interactively design the flowers for their big day.


It's going to be a bit like a "Flower Fairy Workshop" crossed with the most wonderful meeting space all open plan with lots of opportunity to see behind the scenes.


A fantastic Flower Design Flower Club will be commencing in the Autumn with a full programme of evening and afternoon classes covering everything from Hand Tied Bouquets, Table Designs to Christmas Designs.


The new address is...

Flower Design

5 Keystone Court

Hallam Way

Whitehills Park


Obviously the telephone numbers are the same 01253 727722 and 01253 724100 and mobile 07921 903 658

and emails are as usual jane@flowerdesign.co.uk

As I am ever the optimist so I envisage a seriously seamless transition we've chosen this week as the week to move as it's the only one without a huge number of events, but please if you do have any queries or appointment requests don't hesitate to call or email but please be a little patient with us!


Zozo said…
Wow - your dream really is coming true now! Wishing the New Flower Design Baby lots of luck in its new home.
I know you will continue to blow people away with your exquisite designs and creativity.
How lovely it will be to have one space, one home, one dream - to bring true happiness to all who see your work.
Wishing you all lots of love and happiness with your new venture. May all your dreams become a true reality!
Lots of love
Ben Glover said…
You have worked so hard over the years and this is the perfect move to propel Flower Design to another level. As I have been slaving away over the past week with Jason moving you to your new gaff ! I have had the privilege of a sneak preview and it all looks very exciting.. Fantastic location, great facilities.. A lack of Costa Coffee however so i feel the need for you to invest in a new espresso machine !!
Looking forward to your 'New Birth' as Lancashire premier event florists.
Sprout said…
Best of luck! I expect to see even more flower fabulousness!!!
Jan said…
It sounds amazing and I'm certain you will be successful - please keep posting - I so love them all
Neil Redfern said…
Congratulations - sounds fantastic!!

Best of luck with the move, I hope the new premises help you to become even more successful - I'm sure they will :-)

Neil x
ABC Video Blog said…
Good luck with the move - hope it all goes well :)

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