Step up to The Plate at The Ship Inn

Darrell,My Jason, Jonny, Me, Andy & Deborah

Step Up To The Plate Night….

The Ship Inn at Elswick did a fabulous job of hosting this sell out event; we were delighted that everyone selected our menu over the other sumptuous choices available on the menu.

Deborah & Darrell, Jonny & Lorna looked after us all beautifully. Under their terrific leadership the Ship Inn has become a vibrant, buzzing eatery, with lots of “young trendys” like us dining there regularly. The food style is rather more than pub grub and is thoroughly satisfying my favourite is their fish pie which has loads of juicy prawns.

It was a lovely opportunity to catch up with old (long established not elderly) friends and relatives over a delicious dinner and a glass or two of wine.

The evening kicked off at 7:30, the “Step Up To The Plate” episode with super star florist cooks was playing on the huge TV screen in the bar area (our episode is being shown again this week on BBC2 at 5:30, though I’m not sure on which day), I am sure that it is just the wide screen nature of the television that makes me look that shape and size, everyone assured me this was the case apart from my brother who is also slightly rotund, though I believe the phrase is stout when you are fast approaching middle age.

The food was given a Ship Inn twist which for me enhanced my enjoyment, everyone loved the Black Pudding & Scallop starter even those of us who were dubious about Black Pudding (Southerners). Main course as I am sure you remember was a perfectly cooked (and this was perfectly cooked) Tuna steak with Tempura battered Courgette, this was totally delicious and a Black Cherry Clafoutis to finish.

We were invited into the kitchens to photograph some of the food for you fabulous blog readers and I can report that the kitchens were absolutely immaculate, my good friend Mark introduced me to the idea of perusing kitchens and at almost every restaurant/hotel we’ve all stayed or eaten in he has organised a full guided tour including kitchens, for a nosy girl like me this is heavenly.
Deborah, Darrell, Emma & Andy
Scallops & Blackpudding

Seared Tuna with Tempura battered courgette


AndyC said…
I have to say the food was excellent, very well re-created by the Chefs at the Ship and a lovely place to eat as well.
I guess John Burton Race is glad we are all back to our real jobs

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