Very Special Diamond Wedding Anniversary Flowers for a Very Special Diamond Couple: Mr & Mrs Webster

Now this is a slightly different flower posting, but a seriously relevant one for our wonderful Brides & Grooms, a story of love, devotion and longevity, of patience, understanding and romance, basically it's what it's all about!!!!
Florally I've been looking after the inspirational Mr & Mrs Webster for more years than probably any of us care to remember, at the beginning of our relationship Dennis used to come into our old shop and order, and this is a direct quote from Dennis  "My Beautiful Wife" some Roses for their anniversary, he has since their very first anniversary bought the lovely Mary the number of roses representing the years of their marriage, I wasn't around for the first few I hasten to add!!!!
Now Mary & Dennis had their Honeymoon in Blackpool and have been coming back to the Fylde Coast every year since, they have for as long as I can recall stayed at The Lindum, where the truly brilliant Tina and all of the team there look after them beautifully!!!!
Now Mary loves Roses, loves flowers in fact and would prefer flowers to any other gift, I suggested that a rather large diamond might be in order given the gravitas of this celebration, but you see she already has a diamond "My Dennis" to coin a Mrs Webster phrase!

So a fabulous basket of Sixty Grand Amore Red Roses (Unfortunately not the Gainsborough Basket, Mary would have preferred but they just don't make them big enough any more for 60 Huge Red Roses) was delivered to The Lindum 
Each year this huge creation of glorious red roses sits on the Reception at The Lindum, because Mary & Dennis want to share, they want to share their luck, their tenacity,  their happiness, and of course their love!!!!!

Everyone and I mean everyone from the staff to the guests to the post man get to see this wonderful spectacle and enjoy both fragrance and beauty and it gives us all just for a moment, inspiration to work hard at our relationships and a hope that we may be lucky enough to be together after sixty years and feel romantic enough to send or receive fresh flowers
Then it was time to show the "Diamond Dining Room" a party had been planned, the lovely Tina had worked hard to create a party atmosphere and of course Mary's fresh flowers dressed each table exquisitely, the fragrance filled the room!!!

Each table design included Mary's favourite Blooms White Freesia, White Roses (To Represent their Yorkshire home), Phalaenopsis Orchids and white Hydrangeas
They weren't just thrilled with the flowers, they were thrilled with each other, they've had their ups and downs as everyone does but they've battled on remembering how important it is to celebrate that fact with the family they love and cherish!!!!

The "Top Table" was round by choice, after all the lovely Mary is a sociable girl and loves to natter!!!! We included some Norma Jean scented Roses named after Maralyn Monroe, some delicately fragrant Paper Whites, exquisite white Hyacinths, Freesia and Phalaenopsis Orchids, Diamonds were dripping from the design which had been placed on a Crystal Cake Plinth

I will probably get into trouble with Mary for putting these images on my blog, they aren't wearing their best togs, but who cares they look completely gorgeous to me!!!

So, to end this special posting, we just wanted to say huge thanks to Mary & Dennis for always choosing us to create their anniversary flowers and long may it continue!!!! it has always been our pleasure and privilege to do so, they have inspired us all to be patient, caring, respectful and above all to treasure what we have!!!
To Quote another Mrs Webster'ism "You just can't beat a plumber for a husband, they don't mind getting involved in the messy stuff!!!!"


wow!! Happy anniversary :)
Really love the flower arrangements.. Wishing you a lot of wedding anniversaries to come.. God bless!!
Jewel Smith said…
This seems like a very beautiful anniversary celebration! My best wedding anniversary wishes for both of you. Have fun on your anniversary!

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