High Summer & A Profusion of Colour for Fran & Stuart's Glorious Wedding Day at St Cuthbert's Church Lytham & The Pavillion in Ashton Garden's

This wedding day is the perfect tonic for today, rain is pounding on our roof here in Keystone Court but I'm basking in the reflected glow of Fran & Stuart's flower filled summer sunshine wedding day, what a magical day this was for everyone.

We had a plethora of great people to work with not least their fabulous photographer and family friend Graham Watson, there was a sensational gown from the great folks at Indie Bride London, we loved the relaxed catering at The Pavillion in Ashton Gardens, Philip & Corrin and their team did such a great job...

I will start this mega post by warning you, it's a long one, it's a magnificent one, bulging at the seams with joyful summer flowers, it's hedonistic for sure, if you're a flower lover or in fact a lover it's all here!! 
There really is so much love here, so many tales to tell, I hope you'll feel that as you scroll lazily through our flower snaps. We love Fran's family, they are the best of the best, I feel that's somewhat of an understatement, we've known them now for over ten years and we absolutely adore them, their home is just wonderful, our Dutch florist Renske commented it's exactly the sort of house she thought all English families lived in, filled with love, comfort, food and warmth and that's exactly how we all feel about them as people too (apart from the food bit), so if ever there was a family that deserved the 'right weather' and the 'perfect day' the Hellier's are it.
We've been lucky enough to create flowers for Fran's sisters Catherine & Jenny, here's a link to Catherine & Stephen's twilight wedding and a link to Jennifer & Harry's Whitewell wedding day, having completed the hat-trick we're now aiming for a vow renewal for Richard & Jill, now that really would make my year!!!.
So as is our way we asked Stuart & Fran to put together a mood board to show us their ideas, they were eclectic, they were colourful, ultimately they were just them...

We gathered the whole family into our studio and showed them a collection of sample ideas, realising their mood board and whetting their appetites for more...
We all loved this wild meadow gathered bouquet a profusion of colour, fragrance and texture
Stuart's boutonniere a miniature version of his Bride's bouquet

Ideas for Church decorations and table designs were all displayed for their (& our) pleasure
The very best of English garden flowers

Gloriously fragrant and refreshing herbs

So at long last the big day arrived, the bouquets were all boxed up and ready for presentation

The lovely Alexandra Clare MUA was making our gorgeous Bride even lovelier
The family's Land Rover got a make over
The Land Rover was dressed with ribbons and foliage garlands
We headed off to the super iconic Lytham Church of St Cuthbert's where we decorated their famous Lych gate in a very relaxed and casual style
Long trails of Passion Flower and Honeysuckle 'wisped' around the structure

The doorway was framed by a collection of fresh herbs, Bay, Rosemary, Mint, Thyme, Lavender, Chamomile, Marjoram, Oregano, Dille and Sage the fragrance was just heavenly

Posies of fresh meadow flowers were hung on hooks lining the pathway set amid the fragrant lavender, the entire church yard was a buzz with bees and butterflies they were only interested in the flowers and not the people thankfully xx

Inside the porch fresh flowers greeted the guests
This really is a majestic Church, the space is just wonderful and even better enhanced by our candlelit pedestals created in the same relaxed style with fresh Iris, Delphiniums, Peonies, Roses, Astilbe, Stocks, Sweet Peas, Jasmine & Passion Flowers, the warmth from the candle carrying the sweet fragrances all around the Church

Posies of Roses, Sweet Williams, Love in the Mist, Astilbe, Peonies, Sweet Peas and Alchemilla Mollis dressed each alternate pew end lining the aisle

The posies on the pews included a magical collection of fragrant herbs making the walk down the aisle a scented feast for the senses

Wild Garlic, Chasmanthium, Scabious, Peonies, Delphiniums, Roses, Craspedia, Astilbe, Eryngium and all sorts of summer fabulousness greeted the guests in the porch as they arrived.
We lined up the Boutonnieres, each one individually crafted to compliment the tone of the whole day
Fresh Ferns, Lavender, Rosemary, Marjoram, Love in the Mist and Blackberries clustered together to create a unique Boutonniere

Fran's super handsome Bride Groom Stuart was first to have his Boutonniere pinned to his lapel.

I pinned on all of the boutonnieres ensuring each one was positioned perfectly

Here come the gorgeous girls, the Bridesmaids and flower girls in cool summer cotton frocks carrying bouquets of wild summer flowers, each one unique and different

Our super glam Bride's Mum Jill with fresh flowers in her hair, a vision of understated elegance

Our Bridal car with Dad Richard at the wheel

I always love an attentive Dad carrying the bouquet, Richard did a superb job xx

Too gorgeous for words!!!

The proudest of moments...
The flowers are splendid but those legs!! Fran they are to die for!!!xxxx

So in love with this wild fragrant and glorious bouquet

Understated perfection right there!!!

Breathtakingly beautiful 

Massive Congratulations to these two gorgeous folks from all of the team at Flower Design Events

Baskets of fresh fragrant Rose Petal Confetti to the ready

The celebrations moved on to The Pavillion at Ashton Gardens

Fresh flowers dressed the gates...

Fresh flowers and fragrant herbs decorated the entrance courtyard

Inside the scene was set for a relaxed wedding breakfast
The atmosphere created by Corrin and the team at The Pavillion was lovely

Fresh flowers were literally everywhere created a delightful backdrop to the celebrations
The long narrow tables were dressed with garlands of fragrant foliages and posies of fresh flowers in simple bottles and jars

Summer meadow flowers look quite perfect in a setting like this

Our work here was done, huge thanks to Fran & Stuart and both of their fabulous families we had the most wonderful day xxx


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