Visit to The Vanda Orchid Grower Anco

Orchid heaven, Steef van Adrichem is the owner, the grower and all round flower hero of mine, he is responsible for a ginormous portion of the Vanda Orchid market world wide and best of all he is completely passionate, bordering on obsessive about Anco Vanda Orchids...Even the outside was uber cool
A tiny taste of Thai magic in the entrance way, Steef told us that he'd visited Thailand about 30 years ago at the time he was a prolific rose grower, he was introduced to Vanda and it was love at first sight!

The greenhouses span some 25,000 square metres with Vanda Orchids in glorious technicolour, endless varieties in various stages of their developement.
It takes 6-7 years for a Vanda Orchid plant to reach maturity and even longer to develop new varieties. Steef first began making Hybrids on his return from Thailand with his first collection of botanical Vandas.
In Steef's own words..."First you cross two beautiful parent plants, a year later you get the seeds and then you wait patiently for six years before the plant will bloom for the first time, then you select the two best plants (children) after two years, this still won't be perfect so you cross the two best children from two different families. Crossing them again takes 6-7 years, so 15 years later the Vanda Grandmothers give their first almost perfect Vanda Grand Children" Just how perfect is this exquisite "Blue Magic" Vanda Orchid?
And how perfect are these three specimens of humanity Jason, Hans (Mr Cool) & Steef
Vanda Pink Magic

Vanda White Magic

Literally the orchids span as far as the eye can see

Vanda Exotic Purple

Vanda Black Magic Steef's favourite
Vanda Red Magic
Vanda Yellow Magic

Steef and his team develop brand new orchids each year, they are so rare that only a few plants are grown, but these rare and exquisite species are going to be just perfect for some of my Flower Design Brides thanks to Hans & Metz for opening this particular gateway to this particular grower!

I love this one it really is my favourite!
Anco Orchids are without doubt the premier brand, the leader of the field and as such we felt immensley priveldged to be "Allowed into the inner sanctum"

Our time with Steef and his Vandas was coming to an end
I was given a very special Vanda Anco Orchid tee-Shirt& Jason modelled the latest in Anco Orchid skating wear
Our orchids were loaded on to Steef's second greatest love his "Chevy" and taken to Metz for transpoting directly to us on the same day!
Thank you so much to Steef and his team for showing us around and sharing his undoubted passion for a most delicious bloom!


The Exotic Purple and Black Magic are to die for!!! I WANT THEM!!
Kamila said…
ZachwycajÄ…ce kwiaty!
The blue and black magic have got to be my favourite! I love orchids!
Maja said…
Wow! Very nice pictures. Thank you for this post. :-)
Best regards,
Awesome Flowers! I will see the love for flowers and the passion for design. Be inspired by these artworks and enjoy the uniqueness of Anco’s Orchids.

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