Jennifer & Harry's Wedding, An Explosion of Colour, Happiness & Spring Gloriousness at St Michael's & The Inn at Whitewell

What an absolute joy and privilege it was to get to work with this heavenly family again, we'd been lucky enough to have created flowers for Jennifer's sister Catherine's wedding to Stephen Link a few years ago, so were absolutely delighted when the Bride's Mum the lovely Gill contacted us to arrange the flowers for Jennifer & Harry's big day....
Following appointments, creations of both mood boards and sample designs, a great deal of excitement and expectation the big day had finally arrived, Jason & Ruby had the very best job in the world on Saturday when they presented these multi-hued bouquets of vibrant spring blooms to the bridal party
Jason did the big reveal and showed everyone how to carry their bouquets

 Jennifer's Bridal Bouquet included a wonderful and varied collection of glorious Spring blooms gathered together in a relaxed spontaneous fashion, I included English grown Anemones, White & Blue Forget Me Nots, Peach Blossom, Roses, Peonies, Dicentra Spectabilis, Oncidium Orchids, Jatropha Multifida, Pincushion Scabiosa, Scadoxus, Stocks, Sweet Peas, Lily of the Valley, Ranunculus, Gloriosa, Viburnum Opulus, Chasmanthium Latifolium, Thalaspi, Ribes Sanguinium 'Flowering Currant', Trailing Amaranthus, Alchemilla Mollis, Hyacinths and Sweet Peas and Asparagus Falcatus

We moved our attention over to the delightful Church of St Michael right next door to The Inn at Whitewell, the Lytch Gate was dressed simply with two swags of fresh vibrant blooms and candlelit lanterns
 Fresh Delphiniums, Eremurus, Sunflowers, Achillea, Stocks and a whole host of colourful loveliness

Just inside the porch a few random placements sat amid a host of vibrant Boutonnieres
 A Boutonniere of Craspedia, Pincushion Scabious, Rose Buds and Casmanthium Latifolium
 Boutonniere of Deep violet Lissianthus, Daisies, Ranunculus and Casmanthium
 Seasonal Helebores were the floral star in this green Boutonniere along with some lovely Flowering Currant and Craspedia
 Paint Splash Rose Buds, Sweet Peas, Viburnum Opulus and Scabious for this vibrant Boutonniere
 Just love these green blooms in this Boutonniere, Kangaroo Paw, Scabious Stellatis, Asparagus Falcatis, Viburnum Opulus and a gorgeous English Anemone
 Deep Pink Rose Buds and Flowering Currant make a perfect combination for this boutonniere
 The Bride Groom's Mum's Corsage of pale cream rolled Rose Petals with Eryngium, Albiflora, Thalaspi, Ivy, Chasmanthium and Rosemary, completed with a touch of tiny seed pearls
 Daisies, Ranunculas, Lissianthus and Chasmanthium creating a sunshine Boutonniere
 The porch area was dressed with some welcoming and slightly irregular designs in a varied range of colours, we loved this green tea cup and saucer cake stand
 Red Hot Rose Buds in the Paprika tin and blue bottles of blue Hydrangeas

 Our Baroque Bird Cage with Yellow Rose Buds, Forsythia and Craspedia
 Inside this quaint little Church the lovely Elsie was at work ensuring all of the paper work was in order, we'd dressed the stone pedestals with fresh blooms and decorated each alternate pew end with a jam jar filled with fresh fragrant blooms

The Pedestals included a sublime collection of floral magnificence arranged in a relaxed and informal style, we'd chosen colours to compliment the stained glass window

The posies on the pews were created in block colours each one dressed with a vibrant ribbon

 A lovely collection of individually created single colour posies on the end of each alternate pew end

 Fresh Magnolia Grandiflora to reflect the great outdoors there's a gorgeous tree in the Church yard, I do love a bit of bringing the outside in.

A relative of the Amaryllis I do love this super seasonal Spring flower Scadoxus

 Glorious Gloriosa and coral Peonies

 Each of the windowsills were decorated with a collection of vessels each one filled with a posy of fresh blooms in a single colour

One of my favourite flowers the humble but showy Dahlia
 English Anemones are a thing of beauty, simple yet truly exquisite

Sweet Peas
 Lilac and Lissianthus

 On the font a few more posies and lanterns
 Proteas, English Anemones and Jatropha

Outside in the Church yard..
 Magnolia blossom

The super lovely and handsome Harry, Jennifer's Bride Groom was first to have his Boutonniere pinned to his lapel
 A wild style rich and vibrant Boutonniere, perfect for a Spring wedding
Jason continued to pin on all of the Boutonnieres whilst our Ruby was up in the Bride's suite placing the fresh hair flowers in to some pretty lovely hair up do's

Each of the Groom's Men were wearing their own morning suits and ties, the boutonnieres added to their individuality

The Bride Groom's super proud parents

 The totally fabulous Bride's Mum being escorted in to Church, our Ruby had placed some fresh flowers in her hair, but you'll see that a bit later
 The adorable little Flower Girls were both wearing floral frocks and flowers in their hair, I'd made little posies to compliment
 Flower Girl's Posy of Sweet Peas, Forget Me Nots, Tulips Angelique, Glorious Lilies, Astilbe, Daisies and Pincushion Scabious
 The lovely Stephen, we'd created flowers for his wedding to Catherine a little while ago

 Over at The Inn the Bridal party were making their way downstairs....
 Just too gorgeous!!!xxx
 Here come the girls.....looking fabulous....Each one carried a posy of fresh blooms with a different colour predominating


 The beautiful Bridesmaid's Bouquet a profusion of pink blooms
 The perfectly Purple Bridesmaids Bouquet
 Bridesmaids Bouquet in vibrant Sunshine shades 

Stunning Jennifer with her super proud (& super cool) Dad
 Our seriously stylish Bride the heavenly Jennifer looked utterly breathtaking
 Jennifer's hair do was completed by some carefully placed fresh flowers in a plethora of shades and varieties

One of the Sunshine Bridesmaids Bouquets

 Huge and Ginormous Congratulations to Jennifer and Harry from all of the team here at Flower Design
 Love, Love, Love this pic!!!xxx

 Just love and adore Jen's super bright Spring Bridal Bouquet

 The Bride's Mum Gill's Hair do completed by some carefully placed fresh flowers

 Colourful Petal Confetti shower

The celebrations moved over to the very special surroundings of The Inn at Whitewell, where a brilliant conference and banqueting team headed up by the lovely Emma Inskip, were ready to welcome the guests, Emma has a great team that can't do enough to help and make the day of Brides & Groom's perfect and our job so much more of a pleasure (Particularly Josh!!!)
 Inside the newly refurbished marquee, we'd dressed the ceiling with fresh Smilax and fifty bottles and jars containing vibrant blooms hanging from the lighting rig
Each of the tables were dressed with a unique collection of random vessels filled with fresh flowers, books and candle votives in individual block colours
The Pink Table
Glorious Pink Peonies, Tulips, Roses, Sweet Peas, Hyacinth, Astilbe, Anemones and Ranunculus

The Red Table
 Glorious Gloriosa with Kangaroo Paw and Anemones in a vintage Oxo tin

 The Top Table was an oval shape and we'd dressed it with a glorious array of yellow blooms set in a range of unusual and unique containers and vessels

Coleman's Mustard tin filled with Eremurus, Daisies, Achillea and Grasses

 The Purple Table

Vintage Tea Cup & Saucer filled with a posy of Hyacinth, Ranunculus, Lilac and Anemones

The Orange Table

The Green Table

 A vintage Ginger Jar filled with Dahlias, Hyacinth and Blossom

The Blue Table

Blue Bottle filled with Forget Me Nots, Hyacinth and Hydrangeas

Blue Mason Jar filled with Delphiniums, Hostas and Forget Men Nots

 Coffee Pot of Tete a Tetes

 Tea Tray of Sunflowers, Cardifolium Leucaspernum, Roses, Ranunculus and Craspedia

 The Cake Table included some delicious baking together with some fresh flowers

Angiozanthos and Jatropha Firecrack

The brand new bar with posies of fresh flowers

 The Church Pedestals framed the top table and the view over the river beautifully

 Pink Sweet Peas and Dahlias

Our work here was done it was time to leave the festivities, massive thanks to the Hellier's and the Owen Jones's for choosing Flower Design to create their wedding flowers for them!!!xxxxxx


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