Great Plans for St George's Day at Lytham Hall

Today has been interesting, I had two meetings with the enigmatic and dynamic Paul Rowley, first of these meetings was at The Lindum (I have to say they are always so welcoming there, offers of tea/coffee as soon as you step foot in the door). Anyway we were there to discuss an amazing charity event which is to take place at Lytham Hall to celebrate St. Georges Day, it’s all being organised by Sharon & David Haythornthwaite with what seems to be an enormous amount of help from their many friends, their aim is to have a couple of events over two days that will attract over 1000 people, the British Army are very much involved as they are one of the main beneficiaries and will be helping with all sorts from security to welcoming and labouring.
Paul and the Rowleys team will be creating a banquet fit for Royalty and a luncheon to die for, CK Marquees will be erecting one of the largest marquees ever seen in Lytham and of course we will be supplying fabulous designs of St George Day Red Roses. I promise to post more on this unique event as and when I have more information, I think the tickets will be snapped up rapidly so I promise to keep you posted.

Following this inspiring meeting, Paul took me on a magical mystery tour of Lancashire, we crossed the M55 three times no less, we had another meeting with a client out in the sticks, Paul had assured me he knew where we were going but after our second trip over the M55 I was beginning to wonder! Anyway suffice to say we were 35 minutes late (We also ran out of petrol but managed to crawl into a filling station just in the nick of time, my mother had warned me about men like this many years ago!). So ladies and Gents let me warn you if you are ever offered a lift by our very charming Paul Rowley don’t accept!

Every credit to Paul though we arrived humbled by our lateness, he totally pulled it out of the bag coming up with some luscious menu suggestions, my mouth was watering just listening to him describing the Main Course (Or was that because I hadn’t been fed since my Special K breakfast and it was 3:00pm!), he made some fabulous suggestions regarding layout and entertainment and I could see why they are so successful. Rowleys Catering are a very special company, full on Passion about their product and services, but also and probably more importantly it’s real people and real characters doing the work.

For what it’s worth I think they are the very best at what they do, even if Paul has no sense of direction when driving, he certainly knows where Rowleys are going, straight to the top!
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