Mark & Vickie Adler the next bit

Classic Ensembles are seriously a class act I loved their Cold Play Viva La Vida piece.
Young Tristan, a shining star amongst the Groom's Men
The Marquee looked truly superb, the colours were simply perfect and though I do say so my self the flowers looked glorious with exquisite Gloriosa lilies, velvety Celosia, Black Magic Roses, Orchids, Euphorbia Fulgens and dramatic trails of Blackberries almost good enough to eat. It really is the ideal setting for a celebration, if you set a first-rate scene you will have a first-class party and they did! Three generations of stylish ladies, Ruth, Jordanna & Mrs Fletcher

Top Table inspired by The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Mark & Vickie’s wedding was exceptional in every way, they had a first class team around them headed up by Franklyn Sheldon who managed and organised, arranged and list checked throughout the day. Mark arrived first in an amazing black Rolls Royce Phantom, this car has presence and it seemed to absorb the drive way, it looked perfect on the front of the hall, the guys were all suited and booted and looked first class “Tristan” was the star of the show and seemed to hold court amongst the men. Then the very elegant and leggy Ruth Adler with her unbelievable killer heals, the whole Adler clan and Mrs Fletcher assembled for piccys with the Phantom. Ben Adler

Spectacular Lytham Hall
The Happy Couple

Phil Garlington got stuck into the necessary group shots before he could really get going on his signature arty shots (I can’t wait to see the results, he is a very special photographer!) Lovely Liz (Brides Mum) and the uber-gorgeous bridesmaid Heather
What a very happy girl!
The beautifully fragrant white chocolate cake, decorated with fresh roses, rose hips and orchids.
Paul Rowley, with the Bride & Groom's Champers

The arrival of "Summer"

Flowers in the Hall included this fabulous all round pedestal and a garland of flowers and foliages up the staircase lit by lanterns and scattered with autumn leaves and fresh fragrant rose petals.
Summer's head dress of Tamango rose buds, Sedum & Celosia florettes.
Summer's Pommander

Richard & Christy (The hall team) do this fab thing, they close the window shutters whilst the bride arrives, so no sneak previews and then open them as soon as she is in, someone said “It’s like the bride bringing in the sunshine”. I love this it’s a bit of theatre that brings majesty to the event. The ceremony was lovely and was enjoyed by lots more guests in The Gillow room on a huge projector screen, this worked beautifully and everyone had the best view in the house


Anonymous said…
What a fabulous setting, it looks so sumptuous and rich what a fantastic day, i particularly love the bride's maid thingie mabob!

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