Jo & Jamie (part one)

Massive congratulations to Joanna & Jamie, what an amazing day, we absolutely adored the gown, Jo looked like an angel, Gary (Our events logistics manager! /wedding driver) was so overwhelmed he cried when she arrived. Lytham Hall looked wonderful and was so well managed and organised by Richard & Christy.

As always the very gorgeous Paul Rowley (Not to keen on Gary’s new sign name for him) & “Ben the magnificent” were creating food to die for, the canap├ęs always look so good when Rowley’s make them they were handed out with finesse by Edward (who has excellent taste in florists), I am on a diet as you all know but the temptation was too great not to mention the hunger pangs.

I had some unique issues on Saturday for one I had to stand on the steps of Lytham Hall to reach any of the boy’s lapels to attach buttonholes; Jason has never felt as short in his life. Then 2nd issue. This was a far more difficult dilemma should I watch and take everything in or take our usual random selection of very amateur photographs to put on today’s blog? So Gary & I took it in turns to take the pictures.

The official photographers were our great friends Martyn & Jo Pearson, Martyn is so supremely talented that we can’t wait to see his amazing images.

Jo’s mum Kath had made the cake it was absolutely amazing, it not only looked good but tasted fab too.

The Green Guordes/pumpkins came to a sticky end, an impromptu game of football took place on the front of Lytham Hall around midnight, I hope no-one injured themselves guordes are really heavy!

This is our thoughts and inspiration florally behind Jo & Jamie’s Big Day…

Jo is a florist at Flower Design, so I really wanted to create something for her wedding day that would be as unique as she is the flowers, the colours and the shapes were to be as eclectic as possible, wild, random, arty and distinctive. All of that said I felt it was important to be sympathetic to Lytham Hall, after all this is a spectacular venue with some of the most perfect vintage features imaginable. For the wedding ceremony, we wanted the flowers to form a backdrop of absolute romance; every view was to be framed by beautiful flowers. The gown is extraordinary and so perfect for Jo that I wanted the bouquet to be part of the look, supporting the overall picture not detracting from it. The table flowers that Jo had chosen herself, I think were absolutely perfect and transformed the West Wing into a magical forest, with each table having something slightly different with tiny butterflies and sprinkles of fairy dust….
Flower Design Fylde Coast


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