Super Cool Autumn Tee Pee Wedding Day at Silverholme Manor on the Graythwaite Estate for Katie & Jamie

Warning, warning seriously epic blog post right here!!!!! I never apologise for getting carried away and my inability to edit our pics down to a reasonable quantity, so brace yourselves this is a gargantuan posting with a ridiculous quantity of mouth watering autumn flowers and beautiful people not to mention spectacular scenery, which requires absolutely no apology, however I urge you to be in a position to relax and enjoy this particular spectacular floral offering, this is not a posting to scroll through at speed, it's more of a 'savour' each flower kinda post go slowly my friends take time to see the bumblebees and the petals.
 To begin with let me introduce you to our truly gorgeous and utterly stylish Bride & Groom the super lovely Katie & Jamie, I have been giddy about this wedding since our very first get together way back this wedding has been a long time in the planning...

We met up again last Spring to talk through their truly stunning Mood Board, we loved their ideas, adored their styling, it was all so unique, so individual so very Katie & Jamie and in short couldn't wait to get started. 
We were looking forward to working with some fabulous wedding buddies and meeting some new ones too. They'd booked some really fabulous folks to work with not least the super talented photographer Eriin Browne it was so lovely to get to work with her again and the super ace Megan & Daz from Typical Type,  the fab folks from Special Event Tipis, our good friends from Campbell and Rowleys Catering, there was going to be a delicious cake from Corrs Cakes and Jess Robinson  Hair design and Kay Booth mua would be making all of the girls even lovelier, we were looking forward to seeing Katie's gown 'Dixie' by Claire Pettibone from Kathryn Trueman Bridal in Morpeth and the stunning 'Peony' by Harriet Wilde Shoes  
We met up again a few weeks prior to their nuptials to present a full set of sample designs created just for the two of them
We loved the colour palette and subsequent flower palette, Blackberries, Poppy Seed Heads, Dill, Roses, Feathers, Succulents, Dahlias, Scorpion Orchids, Grasses and Leaves

We made Enchanted Trees with an autumn vibe
The trees include Sheeps skulls and antlers
A Garland of fresh herbs and foliages to wind down the length of the Top Table and Registrars Table

The evening before the wedding we headed up to Silverholme Manor on the Graythwaite Estate to meet with fellow wedding professionals Daz & Megan from Typical Type, we had a garland of fresh flowers and foliages to hang around their stunning Edison Chandelier, it was good to watch the boys at work...

The completed chandelier was quite spectacular

The very next morning we were up bright and early, the bouquets were all boxed up in the FD Studio and ready for presentation to Katie and her Bridesmaids up at Silverholme Manor
The Van was loaded and we were off up to the Lakes
I do love the drive down to Graythwaite Manor
The views are absolutely stunning
The Manor House is really special and our Bridal party had arrived the evening before and enjoyed all of the facilities, I feel a little tour may be in order...

The spaces are fabulous and really homely too

After our guided tour I headed up stairs with the wedding bouquets
Our Bride was getting ready in the Bridal Suite and the fabulous Jess Robinson was busy creating Hair design masterpieces and Kay Booth mua was making lovely faces even lovelier
I always love the 'Big Reveal' and handing over such beautiful flowers...

Each of the bouquets were quite unique and our gorgeous Bride Katie had the most beautiful one
I showed everyone how to carry their flowers perfectly and introduced them to the blooms in their bouquets

All of the beautiful materials early autumn has to offer, right there in one wedding bouquet

The Bride's Mum, Jayne had a wrist corsage created from lots of interesting materials to compliment the Bridal theme and her outfit.
In the Coach House at Silverholme the scene was set for the ceremony with two of our magnificent entirely fresh Enchanted Trees framing the registrars table
Posies of fresh flowers and grasses decorated alternate chairs lining the aisle

Languishing exquisitely just simply draped along the length of the Registrars table a luscious garland of fresh herbs and foliages, Rose Hips, Succulents, Nepenthes, Amaranthus and Gourdes 
Trails of Amaranthus, Rose Hips and Nepenthes pods cascaded over the front of the table
Fresh Blackberries and real sheep skulls 

Our Enchanted Trees were given an autumnal treatment with berries, autumn leaves, trailing Amaranthus and Nepenthes

We had a myriad of Boutonnieres and corsages to pin on to the Grooms Men and some super important guests

Much like the bouquets each of the boutonnieres were quite unique, created and hand crafted using only the finest materials the season had to offer, I love the incredible colour palette and marvellous textures we get to work with in the autumn the berries and seed heads really are natures jewels.

Poppy seed heads

For some of the ladies we'd made wrist corsages all of them created to suit the outfits chosen but in keeping with the overall style of the wedding

Hope you spotted the bumblebee xxx
The Bride Groom's Boutonniere included fresh rolled Rose Petals, Angiozanthos, Helianthus, Pieris, Succulents, Rose Hips, Wheatgrass, Rosehips, Hybiscus, Eryngium, Papyrus flowers, Astilbe, Senecio, Blackberries and Pheasant Feathers, our boutonnieres are very special and take a huge amount of skill and time to create, but well worth the effort.
In this Groom's Man's Boutonniere we've included Panicum, Eucalyptus, Angiozanthos, Blackberries, Rose, Rose Hips, Papyrus flowers and Viburnum Tinus
This Boutonniere included Eucalyptus flowers, Rose, Wheatgrass, Sedum, Angiozanthos, Blackberries, Albiflora, Chasmanthium Latifolia and Mimosa
This beautifully autumnal Buttonhole included Scorpion Orchids, Scabious Seed Heads and lots more besides
A harness corsage for the Katie & Jamie's gorgeous dog

What a gorgeous dog

Katie's super handsome Bride Groom Jamie was first to have his boutonniere pinned to his lapel

The Groom's Dad Jimmy

We pinned on all of the Boutonnieres on the Groom's Men ensuring each one was positioned perfectly, we'd created them to size, Katie & Jamie had provided their height information, boutonnieres and corsages look so much better in the correct size.

The super glamorous Groom's Mum Sally was wearing a navy blue, coral and burnt orange ensemble, her wrist corsage matched perfectly

Everyone was heading to The Coach House to take their seats

Our Groom and his Best Men Grant & Michael took their positions on the front row

The Registrar was really lovely and performed a great ceremony, they were really engaged and made the couple feel very special.

The Bride's super proud Dad John

The fabulous Bride's Mum Jayne looking sensational

The Bridesmaids were helping Katie with the final touches as I arrived to hand out the bouquets

The Bridesmaids looked stunning and their bouquets matched their 'Ox Blood' gowns exquisitely

Katie looked absolutely breathtakingly beautiful, she was wearing 'Dixie' by Claire Pettibone from Kathryn Trueman Bridal in Morpeth and the stunning 'Peony' by Harriet Wilde Shoes 

So, so beautiful on the arm of her super proud Dad

Just loving those Harriet Wilde shoes peeping out from Katies skirts...

Huge Congratulations to Katie & Jamie from all of the team here at Flower Design

The fabulous Teepee was by the great folks at Special Event Tipis
Heather from Campbell and Rowleys who were looking after the catering and event management was first to congratulate our Bride and Groom

These two really are the most gorgeous pair

Our Bride & Groom were showered with fresh and dried Rose Petal Confetti

Inside this magnificent Tee Pee the scene was set for the wedding reception, the Edison Chandelier from Typical Type looked wonderful dressed with fresh flowers
Our magical autumnal Enchanted Trees looked absolutely perfect in the teepee setting

The Top table was quite simply wonderful designed to represent 'A walk in the woods' all of the materials you may find including Skulla, Birds Nests, Mosses, Mushrooms, Gourdes and foliages

Bouquets of fresh flowers ready for Bride Groom Jamie to present during the speeches

Our Enchanted trees looked wonderful on the dining tables

The delicious wedding cake from Corrs Cakes was dressed with our fresh flower cake corsages

Charles and fellow waitresses and waiters from Campbell and Rowley's were busy handing out the delicious canapes

Baby succulent plants were placed on the tables as wedding favours

Some of the tables were dressed with unique smaller trees and fresh flowers with mosses, branches, skulls all illuminated by candles in textured votives and tall taper candles in candlesticks

Our work here was done and we'd had the best of days many, many thanks to Katie and Jamie and both of their gorgeous families we loved every second of the time we spent with you all xxx
The family had the use of Silverholme for the entire weekend so we went back on Monday morning to do the clear down along with the team from Typical Type
 After all the work clearing away was done we had a lovely afternoon with Daz, Megan, Rory & Farrah over at Chesters by the River...
This is not really work it's a way of life and one that Jason and I feel very lucky to share with some truly wonderful people xxxx


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