Katie & David's Truly Beautiful Blue Wedding Day at Eaves Hall

Oh we've laughed and we've cried with this amazing family, such an emotional time filled to bursting with love and adoration (& flowers), sometimes you meet people and you realise what a privilege it is to the job we do, to be so involved in their stories at an important time of their lives, to literally share in their joy really is a huge honour, I along with our fabulous FD Team loved creating flowers for these two beautiful people, I can promise without exception everything we made was created with huge hearts and big love for the whole family, I have adored re-visiting this seriously special day, it's been like completing a fabulous book with a really happy ending, thank you!!!!...
So following on from our very first riotous meeting where all sorts of things were chatted about and we all got to know each other, we arranged to get together again with Katie, David and Kevin & Julie the Bride's fabulous parents to discuss this wonderful and superbly executed Mood Board
We put together a Flower Palette, a suggestion of the blend of flowers we'd be using to compliment their spectacular mood board, I'd included fresh Love in the Mist, Dill, Blue Hydrangeas, Quicksand Roses, White Peonies and Forget Me Nots, there would be further additions once we were closer to their wedding date...
We met up again a few weeks before the big day to present a glorious set of sample Bridal Designs including a beautiful sample wedding bouquet for Katie and a Boutonniere for David

We created some sample ideas for their table centres and finalised plans for the day itself, working out logistics and timings
An idea for the top table
A suggestion to utilise the Bridal Bouquets
A sample of our Baroque Candelabra, we make these sample designs to show an over view of the look we're going for, nothing can ever be re-created exactly but it helps us all to understand the bits that are important, how big things are, what they smell like, to have foliage or not, more or less colour etc etc
Before we knew it, their wedding day had arrived and Jason had the huge pleasure of presenting the Bridal Bouquets to our ridiculously gorgeous (& emotional) Bride the lovely Katie and her fabulous Bridesmaids Sarah & Hannah, Jason showed this bevvy of beauty how to carry their bouquets perfectly xxx
This really was a heavenly wedding bouquet packed with stunning sweet scented, summer flowers in soft shades of blue, ivory and nude tones, I'd included white Peonies, Love in the Mist, Delphiniums, Sweet Peas, Roses, Poppy Seed Heads, Freesia, Forget Me Nots and Hydrangeas with foliages and fresh Herbs.

Loved everyone's hair by Kelly & Natalie from Sam Taylor in Lytham and their make up was by the lovely Sonara Parker
Downstairs in the ceremony room at the magical Eaves Hall the scene was set with our candlelit Hurricane Lanterns surrounded by 'puddles' of fresh fragrant Rose Petals, we arrange them in this way to reflect the natural way that Rose petals fall from a Rose, the closer the fresh petals are to the lantern the headier the fragrance, personally, I'm not too keen on the artificial tram lines of petals it looks very un-natural unlike the romantic and fragranced atmosphere this creates.

Framing the Registrars table were two of our magnificently tall and elegant Delphinium dominated pedestals, these two placements historically are designed to represent the Bride & Groom's 'Guardian Angels' they are there to protect their vows and guard their love from evil spirits, flower placements like this are used in all sorts of marriage ceremonies across the globe, transcending religious and cultural differences, they are always fresh and alive to reflect the life force in their love.

Tall upwardly striving Delphiniums towered over the ceremony space so magnificently

Posies of Roses, Hydrangeas and Gypsophilia dressed the small Registrars table so beautifully, we'd chosen the low round 'bulb' vases to follow the shape of the table.
We are always impressed with a 'pressed' table cloth, Eaves Hall really have this nailed beautifully crisp table linens are standard here and very much appreciated!

Katie's super handsome 'blue eyed' Bride Groom was first to have his rather special boutonniere pinned to his lapel, we loved his suit from Whitfield and Ward and we'd designed his Delphinium & Rose Bud Boutonniere to compliment his tie, jacket, waistcoat and pocket square combination
Jason pinned on all of the boutonnieres and corsages ensuring each one was positioned perfectly

The Bride Groom's seriously proud parents Julie & Stephen
We'd made each corsage to match the ladies outfits perfectly

The Bride's seriously glamorous Mum Julie, we'd created her corsage to compliment her oyster ensemble

The Bridesmaids looked heavenly in their platinum coloured gowns by Kelsey Rose from The Dressing Room in Garstang
The absolute star of the show the breathtakingly beautiful Katie wearing Gabriella by Kenneth Winston from the great folks at Lulu Browns

The Bridesmaids bouquets were created to compliment their platinum gowns and included Blue Delphiniums, White Peonies, Nude Roses, Freesia, Poppy Seed Heads and Sweet Peas

Bridal bouquets carried in just the right place help to create the perfect silhouette, the elongate the body and ensure a perfect posture xxx
Katie with her amazing Dad such a proud moment xxxx
Take a deep breath and savour the moment Katie!!! xxxxx
...and they're in...

The professional photographer for the day was the super lovely Nick English, we really love working with him
Jason was so into the ceremony, he forgot to take pictures, I actually love that fact, we were all so invested in this day that we had to toss coins to decide who was going, Jason was of course the winner, we were all very envious of him!!! xxxx

Huge & Ginormous Congratulations to Katie & David from all of the team here at Flower Design Events

Too gorgeous for words!!!xx

Love this moment!!!! xxxx You did it guys!!!xxx

Beautiful pale blue and nude bridal bouquet of Roses, Peonies, Forget Me Nots, Love in the Mist, Sweet Peas, Freesia, Poppy Seed Heads, Delphiniums and Hydrangeas with fresh fragrant herbs and foliages.

Whilst our Bride & Groom were being congratulated and everyone enjoyed the drinks reception a transformation was taking place the dining room which was now dressed for a sophisticated wedding breakfast, tables were decorated with a combination of high and low table centrepieces
Our super tall conical vases were topped with a floral explosion in shades of pale blue, ivory and nude shades, the view across the table was un-hindered and allowed a relatively clear look across to the Top Table.
Some of the tables were dressed with our Baroque Candelabras, which later as the light dimmed would provide a romantic back drop to to the evening festivities.

The Top Table looked lovely decorated with posies of fresh flowers set on a row of mirror tiles

Posies of fresh flowers surrounded the Bridesmaids bouquets on a couple of the tables ensuring that their gorgeousness was fully enjoyed

The top table flowers looked so pretty in our round 'bulb vases' they were illuminated by our mirrpored tea light votives

The Bride's Bouquet was placed in a vase in the centre of the top table just between our Bride & Groom forming the perfect focal point

It was lovely to see the super talented Howard Wing all ready to entertain everyone xx

Massive thanks to Katie and David and both of their fabulous families for choosing Flower Design Events to create their wedding flowers we've loved every second xxx


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