Phil & Katie's Christmas 'Dinosaurs & Literature' Wedding at St John Fisher Church & The Old Grammar School in Manchester

This wedding day was off the scale fabulous, as a Wedding and Event florist with over 25 years experience based in the North West it's unusual for us to find ourselves at a Manchester Church (St John Fisher) that we've never worked at before, we hadn't ever worked with the fabulous Kyle Hassall Wedding Photographer (I've included many of his fine images here too) and we'd never been to The Old Grammar School in Middleton before either, it was a day of firsts, it all adds to the excitement though and we couldn't wait to get started.
This is without exception my all time favourite 'Theme/Brief' ever!!! I absolutely love a challenge, but no mood board has ever included all of these images together... Elegant gowns, Newfoundland Dogs, Jurassic Park, quotes from Literary giants,  Converse trainers, A Library card invitation, Dinosaurs and books, but this was no ordinary Lancashire wedding, it was a very, very special day and I felt very privileged to be a small part of, I've had to wait almost a year to post this, I hope you'll enjoy seeing the pictures as much as we enjoyed making the designs
We totally loved getting to know Phil & Katie, when they came down to FD Events HQ to view their samples, they supported our Bake Off and generously donated to our Charity Fundraising we are enormously grateful to the pair of them!!!xxx
We created a set of sample bridal designs for them to see and select from...
I'd made a gorgeous wintery wedding bouquet including Helebores 'Christmas Roses', Ornithogalum, Snowflake Roses, Ivy Berries, Albiflora, Senecio, Viburnum, Skimmia and deep Red Roses. 
We pinned a dinosaur brooch to the handle of the wedding bouquet
Beautiful Snowflake Roses
A beautifully textured wedding bouquet featuring so many seasonal materials, flowers that can only be found at Christmas time
We made Phil a sample Red Rose Boutonniere and included a 'T Rex' pin to it.
Sample table designs included jam jars dressed with heart shaped pieces of literature filled with posies of fresh flowers and fir cones with stacks of books 

Folded books to make heart shapes

Dinosaur badges 'Rawr' means I love you in dinosaur language!!xxx

A sample door wreath to go above the Church door

The big day arrived at last a month or so after the sample appointment and I was lucky enough to make the presentation of Bridal Bouquets
I showed our gorgeous Bride & her maids how to carry their bouquets perfectly
Two dog collars dressed with fresh flowers for two fabulous Newfloundlands
The following few images are by the fabulous Kyle Hassall,  Katie's wedding bouquet looked perfect for the time of year, we'd bound the handle with some of Katie's own fabric, we'd pinned dinosaur badges to the handle

 Our Bride and her Bridesmaids had fresh snowflake Gypsophilia in their hair
 Back to our pics, we arrived at St John Fisher Church in Manchester and placed the large Welcome Wreath above the doors to Church, we had a lovely warm welcome in this fabulous Church and were made to feel part of the family which was just lovely!!!xxx

Gorgeous Posies of fresh flowers dressed each alternate pew end lining the aisle (This image is by the fabulous Kyle Hassall )

Outside I lined up the 'Dinosaur' Boutonnieres ready to pin them on the lapels of the Groom and his Groom's Men as they arrived at Church
Phil's bright red Tyrannosaurus Rex in his Boutonniere, Phil's pretty tall so can take a big Boutonniere
A Stegosaurus Boutonniere with Rolled Rose Petals, Astrantia, Ranunculus and Christmas foliages
Beautiful Corsage of Roses and Freesia designed for the Bride Groom's Mum
The Groom's Lady's Wrist Corsage created for Mary 

Katie's super handsome Bride Groom the lovely Phil (Possibly one of my favourite Bride Groom's of all time)
The Bride Groom's bright red Rose & Tyrannosaurus Rex Christmas Boutonniere with Eucalyptus Globus, Anemones, Astrantia, Senecio, Blue Spruce, Albiflora and Rolled Rose Petals.

                               A Stegosaurus Rose and Ranunuculus Boutonniere

Mary's wrist corsage looked perfect, it matched her grey and ivory ensemble beautifully

The Groom's Mum looked fabulous
A beautiful corsage of Roses and Freesia to match the Groom's Mum's silver grey dress and jacket
The Groom's Dad was wearing a Boutonniere of fresh Ranunuculus & Ornithogalum
The Bride Groom's super proud parents
Grandad Stan looking very dapper

The following two images are by the fabulous Kyle Hassall 

Kyle Hassall capturing all of the magic
The Bride's Mum Sheila was wearing pale pink and navy blue we'd created a corsage to match it perfectly
Palest Blush Pink and navy blue corsage of Bombastic Roses, rolled Sweet Avalanche Rose Petals, Hydrangea Florets and Viburnum berries
The Bridesmaids were next to arrive all looking gorgeous

We loved their Converse

The Bridesmaid's carried smaller versions of the Bridal Bouquet
Katie looked totally breathtaking when she arrived with her super proud Dad

The wintery wedding bouquet including Helebores 'Christmas Roses', Ornithogalum, Eryngium, Astrantia, Ivy, Blue Spruce, Thalaspi, Eucalyptus Globus, Snowflake Roses, Ivy Berries, Albiflora, Senecio, Viburnum, Skimmia and deep Red Roses, Pinus Strobus to complete the design we pinned a dinosaur brooch to the handle of the bouquet

The following few images are by the fabulous Kyle Hassall 

The Bridesmaid's bouquets contrasted perfectly with their navy blue gowns and burgundy wraps

The Bride & Bridesmaids were all wearing fresh Gypsophilia in their hair

The following two images are by the fabulous Kyle Hassall 

Huge Congratulations to Phil & Katie

All of the order of service were different each one featured a different Polaroid of our Bride & Groom
Too gorgeous and too happy for words...

The following few images are by the fabulous Kyle Hassall 
I was so pleased we got to see the floral dog collars on Phil and Katies beautiful dogs
 Floral Dog Collars looked fabulous on Katie & Phil's Newfoundland's

The celebrations moved on to The Old Grammar School in Middleton Manchester

When we'd been to The Old Grammar School earlier, the team were in mid clean up mode following the terrible floods, so it was an absolute joy to see it so beautifully transformed, the team there had worked tirelessly to ensure the perfect day for Phil & Katie, huge congratulations to them on a job well done!!
Inside this magical space the scene was set with a series of small and intricate table designs in varying heights and sizes down the centre of the trestle tables, 

The following few images are by the fabulous Kyle Hassall 

The tables were scattered with fabulous quotations from wonderful authors
Old books had been folded into heart shapes
The Old Grammar School looked far from school like, but the books and quotations seemed so right in the space

Posies of fresh flowers in jam jars dressed with heart shaped print decorations

The top Table stretched the full width of the room and was dressed with a series of vases and vessels filled with fresh flowers, books and small bird cage lanterns

 Our good buddy the completely brilliant wedding Magician Darren Robinson

 The wedding cake was dressed with fresh flowers and Dinosaurs of course

The wedding cake was dressed with fresh Red Currants, Roses and Eryngium Thistles 
I do love a good cheese tower, perfect for when everyone gets the munchies, much later on...
Table names were depicted by books under a Glass Cloche with fresh flowers

The details were all so beautifully executed and the guests wouldn't see everything until they sat down at their place and had time to take everything in, Katie & Phil had pulled together a stunning wedding with so much care, thought and personality.

Love this, Christmas slippers for dancing in later...

We loved all of the romantic details

Magician Darren Robinson had so many 'Tricks up his sleeve' he was unstoppable...

The following few images are by the fabulous Kyle Hassall 

I just love how the flowers and lights frame our Bride & Groom so beautifully, I really love these images by Kyle Hassall

Our work here was done, huge thanks to Phil & Katie for choosing Flower Design Events to create their wedding flowers for them we loved every second of it. xxxxx


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