Pink Blossom & Spring Loveliness For Katie & Phil's Glorious Wedding Day at St Michael's Church & The West Tower Aughton

I can't begin to tell you how lovely these two are, they have been an absolute joy to look after florally, I know we're going to miss them.  
Very annoyingly I had, had a bit of fall and have my hand all bandaged up, I was banished to my office and desk duties only for the day, as a consequence Ruby took my place alongside Jason to present the Bouquets and place all of our designs in Church and at the venue on the big day, I was to say the least rather miffed but so excited to see the pics our dynamic duo had managed to capture of our flowers yesterday.
Our fabulous Bride and her Bridesmaids were all getting ready at the exceptionally good West Tower at Aughton Wedding Venue
I'd made the Bouquets with more than just a nod to the Season they really are a collection of all that is great and good at this time of year, the flowers and foliages have a feeling of 'new beginnings' fresh starts and the promise of beauty and wonder to come.
Our gorgeous Bride Katie (No-one should look this good in rollers it shouldn't be allowed)
Katie's Bouquet was slightly more vibrant than her sample bouquet which was made a good few weeks ago before many of these blooms had started their season, fresh Peach Blossom ensured a brighter pink vibe as did the sweet scented Hyacinths, Ranunculas, Heather, English Garden Roses, Viburnum Opulus and Tinus with limey green Hypericum Berries and Acacia foliages completed this luscious wedding bouquet
Jason conducted our Bridal Bouquet carrying lesson an essential part of the Flower Design service

The Bride's Dad's Peach Blossom and Amnesia & 4 Good Rose Boutonniere 
Our intrepid team of Jason & Ruby headed off in the direction of St Michael's Church in Aughton just a couple of minutes away from the venue

Our lanterns lined the pathway and framed the front door 

Inside this truly beautiful Church we hung jam jars filled with fresh flowers from the ends of each alternate Pew lining the aisle

Two of our Pedestal designs stood on either side of the ceremony space providing a perfect frame
Each pedestal was topped with a crown of fresh Delphiniums, Peach Blossom and in honour of our Bride's Irish heritage a plethora of Bells of Ireland at the heart of the design a huge cushion of Hydrangeas, Stocks, Tulips and Roses draped with strings of pearls sat on our silver chalice and pedestal stand
Each of the posies on the ends of the pews were quite individual, created uniquely to compliment all of the bridal flowers

Fresh Peach Blossom, Hyacinths, Roses, Tulips, Viburnum and Hydrangeas gathered into posies

Lovely Pew end posies of Peach Blossom, Tulips, Hyacinths, Roses, Hydrangeas and Viburnum Tinus

Inside the Porch candlelit lanterns and fresh Rose Petals decorated the stone benches

Ruby lined up the Boutonnieres read to pin them on the gents as they arrived, each boutonniere was individual created from the flowers used in Katie's Wedding Bouquet

Amnesia , Memory Lane, Quicksand and Sweet Avalanche Roses created the focal point in each boutonniere

Our Bride Groom Phil's rathe special Amnesia Rose Boutonniere

The adorable Page boy with his 4 Good Rose Bud Boutonniere
Ruby & Jason pinned on all of the Boutonnieres ensuring perfect positioining

Phil Katie's super handsome Bride Groom complete with his rather splendid Boutonniere
The Bride Groom's Boutonniere of fresh Peach Blossom, an Amnesia Rose with fresh Heather, Albiflora, Viburnum Tinus, 4 Good Rose Buds, Rosemary, Dianthus and Ivy Leaves

A Sweet Avalanche Rose with Peach Blossom, Rosemary, Viburnum Tinus and Hypericum Boutonniere

A Quicksand Rose Boutonniere with all of the seasonal trimmings

Here come the girls....

The Bridesmaid's looked stunning in their taupe lace gowns and their Bridesmaids posies tomed perfectly

The Brides Mum looked absolutely stunning!!!xxx

The Bridesmaid's Bouquets were created as a smaller version of the Brides Bouquet including a vintage collection of Rose shades, fresh Blossom, Heather, Ranunculas and Hyacinths
The legendary Lisa Aldersley was capturing all of the magic on the day and we really can't wait to see her images they are always breathtaking!!!xxx
Beautifully romantic vintage toned Bridesmaid's Bouquet

The Bride arrived in style....

Katie looked utterly enchanting, she took everyone's breath away!!!xx 

Katie's Wedding Bouquet of perfect Spring blooms in soft romantic pink shades

The stunning Wedding Bouquet of fresh Peach Blossom, sweet scented Hyacinths, Ranunculas, Heather, English Garden Roses, Viburnum Opulus and Tinus with limey green Hypericum Berries and Acacia foliages completed this luscious wedding bouquet

Huge and Ginormous Congratulations to Katie and Phil from all of the team here at Flower Design Events

Outside complete with Bow Tie Katie & Phil's dog waited patiently....

The celebrations moved on to The West Tower at Aughton the spectacular venue for the Wedding Reception, the team here are exceptionally good and we always get very well looked after as do our flowers and vases etc, they really do go the extra mile in providing a splendid service
Our candlelit lanterns lined the entrance
Inside candlelit jam jars and fresh Rose Petals decorated the surfaces

Inside the party room the scene was set with the tables dressed with a combination of high and low table centrepieces
Our fabulous Bride & Groom were delighted with how great the room looked

Our spectacularly tall table designs on top of a glass vase containing a fresh floral design topped with Dephiniums, Peach Blossom, Bells of Ireland, Stocks, Hydrangeas and Roses, candlelit Orbs were suspended from the design to illuminate the tables beautifully

Our voluptuous Bird Cage designs looked so fresh and vibrant and provided the lower table design
The beautiful cake was surrounded by fresh Rose Petals
The Top Table was round and we dressed it with one of Candlelit Birdcages surrounded by a wreath of fresh Roses, Tulips, Stocks, Blossom and Hyacinths

The tables were named after the Nine Glens of Antrim

The arrangement captured within the base of the tall glass vases


Our work here was done it was time to leave the party in full swing, huge and ginormous thanks to Katie & Phil for choosing us to create their wedding flowers for them


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