American Road Trip Inspired Wedding Day of Laura & Peter Jones at Fabulous Ribby Hall

I loved these two in the build up to their fabulous wedding, we all had a great time with Mum too, Laura & Peter were planning an amazing Honeymoon, an old fashioned vintage style tour of the USA the subject of our inspiration, Laura & Pete ordered a stack of suitcases for their wedding cake, they gathered fabulous trinkets from their various destinations, they named tables after these iconic Cities, Wonders and Parks of what was to be their first adventure of married life!!!!....
We join their wedding day story in the Penthouse suite at the incredible Spa Hotel at Ribby Hall, where the lovely Laura together with her girly entourage were having a morning of magic and delight. One of the joys of a wedding morning is the arrival of a Flower Design box enveloped in layers of luxurious tissue, having it unveiled to reveal the loveliness of fragrance, the preciousness of beautiful fresh flowers, a moment in time as fleeting as the day itself the memories of course will last a lifetime!
I love Laura's face on this one un-abashed joy!!!!
The fabulous Bridesmaids enjoying the wedding bouquet carrying lesson.

Jason, pinned on the Bride's Mum's rather special Epaulette Corsage

Jason & Olivia headed off to the Banqueting Suite at Ribby Hall to meet up with the Groom's Men, their Boutonniere's of Roses and thistles were pinned to their lapels, Everyone including our gorgeous Groom enjoyed having their Buttonholes put on for them by our lovely Olivia

The Groom's Mum's Corsage complimented her ensemble beautifully
Here Comes the gorgeous Girls, their blue and ivory bouquets complimenting their gowns beautifully

The arrival of our fabulous Bride the lovely Laura

The Ribby Hall was dressed, the guests were awaiting the arrival of our lovely Bride

Massive Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs Jones from all of the team here at Flower Design Events

The uber lovely Kristina with "Blue Lagoons" first to congratulate our Bride & Groom

The celebrations moved into the Garden Suite at Ribby Hall
So the fabulously themed table designs, some of the tables had a stack of three vintage suitcases to compliment the wedding cake, this one was of course the Hollywood Table, with the iconic letters spelling it out atop a suitcase filled with a mountain of Hydrangeas

The "Las Vegas" table complete with Dice & Casino Chips
The Suitcase wedding cake
The San Francisco table complete with it's own "Streetcar"

"The Big Apple" of course the New York Top Table design

Lake Tahoe table with towels, snorkels, lake reeds and fishing 

We had such fun with this wedding many thanks to Laura & Peter for choosing Flower Design Events to create their wedding Flowers it really was an honour!!!xxxx


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