Sensationally Simpering , Super Sexy, Summer Hot Wedding Day of Becky & Matt in Shades of Red, Fuschia Pink & Cardinal Purple

We'd been waiting for this sensational wedding for such a long time, Matt's been a Groom's Man/Usher & Becky's been a Bridesmaid/Guest at many a Flower Design Events Wedding, for reasons that will become obvious both Becky & Matt have been the most photographed wedding attendees in FD history, Matt even reached the heady heights of the official FD Events Screensaver, they are by definition the most beautiful Bride & Groom ever (As one observer commented on the day "it isn't often that you go to a wedding where the Groom is almost as beautiful as the Bride!!!", I concur my friend I concur!!!, but please note the "almost")
So I was saving this post for a miserable, cold, dark and rainy winter day, a day when the viewing of such beauteousness would brighten the world and give us hope for the summer to come, but alas dear reader I have succumbed to public demand (& Sally's for those of you who know her will understand my dilema) my sincere apologies for jumping the queue to those lovely Brides waiting patiently for their postings they will soon be here.
 So here it is,  (almost definitely) the Wedding of the Year....
The lovely Becky being presented with her seriously luscious wedding bouquet of Peonies, Roses & Sweet Peas

Jason delivered the wedding bouquet carrying lesson to the assembled Bridesmaids, all of whom are a well practised bunch

 We headed off to the glorious Church of St Cuthbert in Lytham on what can only be described as the perfect summers day...
 The famous Lytch Gate was dressed with a sumptuous gloriously heady design of fresh Hydrangeas, Roses, Phalaenopsis Orchids, Roses, Sweet Peas and Dahlias
 And now for the arrival of the beautiful people...
The completely fabulous Sally and the even more fabulous (If it were possible) Molly whose ensemble was completed by a very elegant hand bag corsage

 Joined by the ever handsome Maurice!
 Inside this awesome Church we'd lined the aisle with heavenly fragranced Eucalyptus Trees each dressed with exquisite Gloriosa Rothschild flowers

 At the Aisle end just before the altar two dramatic pedestals of deep purple English Delphiniums, Agapanthus, Larkspur, Scabious, Stocks, Dahlias and Hydrangeas were placed to frame the Ceremony

 Gloriosa Flower
 The Double Decker Bus arrived bringing with it even more beautiful people.....

Our fabulous Bride Groom Matt amongst them
 I pinned on his rather special boutonniere and showed him how to hug people, this task doesn't appear in the "Wedding Florist Handbook" but I'm sure it's an absolutely essential part of my duties!!!!

 There was of course a little "Bromance"!!

 The long suffering and super handsome Groom's Father Martin
 There was a number of beautiful Boutonnieres to pin on and as the guests arrived we obliged with the rather tricky task of attaching them
 Now Matt is the brains and the braun behind FY Fitness he is single handedly responsible for providing me with a transformed husband, I now enjoy the muscles he has created and the additional energy required for keeping up with me,  Jason is a new Man a good few stones less than he was, so massive thanks to Matt for undoubtedly his patience and dedication to the cause!!!


 The Bride Groom's Rather Special Boutonniere

 The two Bay Trees flanking the Church Doorway were dressed with sweet scented Stocks 

 Seriously Gorgeous Boys!
 "Here Come the Girls"
The beautiful little Flower Girl carrying a magic wand of fresh flowers

And a bevvy of beautiful Bridesmaids
 The utterly sensational Bride's Mum Louise, who was wearing a Corsage of Hydrangeas, Roses and Sweet peas in shades of cream and pale blue
 The Bridesmaids carried posies of Peonies, Hydrangeas, Sweet Peas, English Garden Roses and Alchemilla Mollis to add that all important lime zing 

 Our Bride Becky was next to arrive...

 Becky really did take everyone's breath away when she arrived her gown by Stewart Parvin had been made especially for her & looked exquisite!

 The beautiful Rebecca with her super proud Dad Rod

 A very handsome Page Boy wearing a miniature Boutonniere

 The super lovely Catherine a very special Flower Design Bride! (A Link to Catherine & Richard's wedding)

 The Flower Girl's Magic Wand Bouquet

 The Groom's Sister's two more very special Flower Design Bride's, Cathy & Fliss (Here's a couple of links to their weddings Cathy & Gavin, Fliss & Garreth)

 Huge & Ginormous Congratulations to the brand new Mr & Mrs Wilkinson from all of the team here at Flower Design Events

 "Hot Stuff" this fabulous wedding bouquet in shades of Fuschia Pink, Red and cardinal Purple, included some of my all time favourite flowers; the English Garden Rose Darcey, Peonies, Sweet Peas, Hydrangeas and Alchemilla Mollis

 I love this shot so much, my lovely and beautiful friend Sally with her gorgeous boy!!!!!

 Another gorgeous boy (perhaps not quite as gorgeous!!!) but the supremely talented Jonny Draper, his images of  this incredible wedding day are quite simply breathtaking, do check them out your mind will be blown I promise!  here's the Link
 Is this not the most gorgeous Grandad in Christendom?
 Matt's completely beautiful daughter, the lovely Kate!

 So to the party my friends, a wonderous wedding reception in a secret garden location!!!......
 The guests were serenaded

 Within this heavenly garden lurked an incredible Marquee, dressed with care and thought, super hand made bunting (Created by the lovely Louise) and of course some pretty stunning Flower Design Events Candelabras.

A deliciously twinkly Flower Design Events crystal top table design

The sumptuous candelabras billowed with luscious Hydrangeas, Peonies, Dahilas, Roses, Agapanthus, Stocks and Gloriosa Rothschild

A fabulous Seating Plan in Vintage Frames
Exquisite Wedding Cake

The lovely Ben from Rowley's Catering with our beautiful Olivia

Our work here was done, we drifted away to the magical sound of people partying, huge thanks to Matt & Bex, to Louise & Rod, Martin and the totally fabulous Sally for choosing FD Events to create the flowers for such an important day!!!!xxxxxx


Anonymous said…
Where to start? The flowers were amazing, the colours so vivid, so perfect, your photos capturing all the bits I didn't see and the moments we loved the most. Thank you! Am sad to say this is the last time you will help with one of our weddings but you've done them all!!!! Much love Sally x

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