A Spectacular Collection of Candlelit Table Designs at The Tithe Barn at Browsholme Hall Open Day

The season of romance, cosy, intimate candlelit weddings is upon us and what better place than the Tithe Barn at Browsholme Hall to show off our seasonal collection, I do love this venue, it lends itself to fresh flowers, the natural stone walls and flagged floors really are the perfect backdrop for our designs, the tiny windows ensure you're cocooned in a heavenly romantic bubble that the weather can't spoil and candle light provides a very flattering light.
 The Flower Design Events all time favourite table centre piece our stunning Baroque style Candelabra, the candles are surrounded by voluptuous wreath of Classic Hydrangeas, Snow Berries, Vintage Roses, Sedum, Hypericum, Monbretia, Champagne Grass, Viburnum & Skimmia Berries, Astrantia, Wax Flower Blossom, Dracaena, Ivy Trails, Trailing Amaranthus and Oak Leaves
 To match the Silver Candelabra this lovely silver Chalice style bowl filled with the bosomy & blousy Rose Sweet Avalanche, with a collection of seasonal flowers including Asilbe, Lissianthus, Thalaspi, Aralias, Calla Lilies and Classic Hydrangeas, the entire chalice is then enveloped in candle light with these tall elegant silver candlesticks and night lights in frosted glass votives
 This beautiful "Winter Wonderland" Crystal Candelabra received an enormous amount of attention the design is much higher than any of our other candelabras resulting in a clear view across the table, the design on top is full and dramatic, illuminated by the four uber tall candles, at the base a collection of glass vases containing delightfully fragrant posies, night lights and a delicate sprinkling of fragrant Norma Jean Rose Petals completed this dreamy table design
To compliment our tall crystal candelabra, this beautiful Crystal Cake plinth with a design of Orchids, Roses, Poppy Seed Heads, Albiflora, Hydrangeas, Lissianthus sat on top, it's the perfect low table design alternative, I love the rhythm in the room created by a combination of high and low designs, strategically placed this ensures a clear view of the top table for the speeches
 If it isn't broken don't fix it!! The FD Events hurricane lamp design, this really is a fabulous table centrepiece, a large Hurricane lamp placed in the centre of a ring of fresh Roses, fragrant, Rosmary, Berries and Guordes
 Our Verdi Gris Candelara is a much more "Earthy" design it works well here at Browsholme, the very natural finish blends with the stone beautifully, the design has an appearance as though it may have grown here, the garland of fresh flowers, winding their way around the candelabra organically, a collection of fresh berries, herbs and mosses are the perfect choice, with the addition of Orchids and Roses and the all important fresh fragrant sprinkling of Rose Petals creating a little more glamour!
 The Verdi Gris urn is the perfect low table design partner for the Verdi Gris Candelabra, we filled it with Sun Flowers, buttermilk Ranunculas, Babe Roses, Rose Hips, Celastrus Boomwurger and Classic Hydrangeas, these designs dont suit mirror bases so we surrounded the design with frangrant Rose Petals and night lights in frosted votives
 Our fairy tale top table design "Beauty & The Beast" a fabulous design incorporating all of the characters along the full length of the table
 "Mrs Potts" Tea pot filled with fresh Roses, Heather and Thalaspi
 "Lumiere" Candelabras
 The Beauty & The Beast "Rose"

The fabulous ceiling drapes, chair covers and table runners and swags were provided by the brilliant Dawn fro Creative Cover Hire
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