Tamzeen's Indian Wedding at Ribby Hall in The Woodland's Suite

The stage was set at the completely wonderful Ribby Hall in the Woodland's Suite for this beautiful Indian Wedding
Hundreds of guests were treated to a beautiful dinner surrounded by vintage shaded blooms
 Vintage Memory Lane, Hypnose, Purple Symphony & Avalanche Roses together with Classic Hydrangeas, Astrantia, Dille, Pinkalina and Antique Carnations were hand tied to create elegant posies on many of the dining tables
 Pink Calla Lilies, Roses, Sedum, Hydrangeas, Pinkalina were swirling around a central candle in the middle of this huge glass Goldfish Bowl
The tall designs were in these elegant glass Martini Vases topped with elegantly tall Delphiniums, Roses, Pinkalina, Carnations, Astrantia and Hydrangeas in antique vintage shades

The stage really did look magnificent


Amy said…
wow...great picturs..
well furnished decoration, magnificently executed. Love the theme of swirling around the flowers into goldfish glass.

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