Black, White & Hot Pink Wedding at Knowsley Hall

Fresh Flowers adorned the magnificent gates that welcomed the guests as they arrived for this magnificent wedding at Knowsley Hall
We had dressed the steps that lead up to the main entrance at Knowsley
Fabulous topiaries of Buxus & Bay trees were arranged up the steps along with spectacular Nephrelepis Ferns and trailing variegated ivies
As you walk into the entrance hall the first design on the fireplace of Raspberry Anthuriums, Stocks, Viburnum Opulus, Roses & Calla Lilies looked so majestic and complimented the design of the carpet perfectly.

Just to the right a huge and elegant column shaped pedestal was home to this glorious design of South African Proteas (Used to remind the Bride Groom of living in South Africa), Gloriosa Rothschild, Gerberas and Meyerii Ferns.
At the foot of this exquisite staircase stood a tall elegant vase of Arum Lilies, Raspberry Peonies and Pendulum Heliconias

As the guests walked through the series of rooms leading to the Ball Room where the ceremony was to take place, small but perfectly placed floral designs made them feel welcome.

A tall elegant lily vase with white Arum Lilies Formium, Gerberas and Umbrella Fern arranged  to compliment both the curtains and wallpaper in the room

The main hall leading directly to the Ceremony Room was dressed with this huge central design of Lilies, Proteas, Roses and Anthuriums and breathtaking foliages
 The Ceremony Room looked heavenly, we arranged silver Champagne Buckets filled with Black Ostrich Feather Trees, garlanded together with Sperengerii and Smilax attached with bunches of Black Grapes designed to mirror the garlands on walls and fireplace.

The Ceremony space really had a Champagne vibe with the gorgeous Champagne buckets lining the aisle and these huge giant Champagne Glasses framing the ceremony.

We used an elegant array of white blooms and Black Ostrich Feathers sat on top giant Champagne Glasses filled with Hot Pink "Kir Royale" cocktails ('ish)

We used glorious Arums, White Peonies, Lilies and Viburnum Opulus within these sculptural designs

The Registrars table design included to Champagne flutes intertwined with grape vine pouring out exquisite white Peonies on to the table

The Bridesmaids looked fabulous with bouquets of Hot Pink Roses surrounded by black marabou feathers
The hot pink roses in heir bouquets co-ordinated perfectly with the hot pink roses on the backs of their gowns
The two little Flower Girls carried Magic Wands dressed with Lily of the Valley & Hot Pink Sweet Peas & Roses

The Two Maids of Honour Carried Ostrich Feather and Protea Petal Fans instead of regular bouquets

The Bridal Bouquet was a fusion of all things English & South African; Fresh fragrant Lily of the Valley, Arum Lilies, Peonies, Roses & Sweet Peas and from South Africa Ostrich Feathers, Proteas, Albiflora and Typha Grass
The Bride Groom's South African inspired Boutonniere of Protea Petals, Albiflora and Celosia
The raspberry and ivory shaded bridal bouquet really did look spectacular with the Bridal Gown

Grandma's ivory handbag corsage

Palm & Ostrich Feather Trees lead up to the Banqueting Hall

The table designs were created in tall Bell Jar stands creating a clear view across the table
The designs included hot pink Gingers and Pendulum Heliconias and black Ostrich Feathers
The silver aluminium balls give the designs a contemporary twist

The Top table was a fabulous collection of Cambria Orchids hot pink ostrich feathers, Gloriosa Rothschild, Proteas and Arum Lilies

This really was a superb wedding with lots of fabulous detail check out this website


Flowers in life said…
Very nice collection of fowers design, I like it !

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