Mandy Webb's Very Special Birthday Flowers At The Grand Hotel St Annes

What an honour and a privilege to be asked to create Mandy's very special Birthday table designs, and even better other than the colour combination the designs and creations were left entirely to our skill and ingenuity, which is always such a joy and a pleasure for us!The Webb's are extremely special clients of ours and we understand how sociable their parties are there's always a fabulous atmosphere so it was very important to ensure the flowers weren't intrusive but were interesting and exciting. As ever at the brilliant and exceptional The Grand Hotel St Annes the tables were immaculately laid and dressed to perfection, Caroline, Derek & Brian do the very best job of organising events and weddings and really it is a pleasure to work with them I loved this double LSA vase Ikebana design with most of the flowers below the level of the vase top and the branches protruding with little clusters of Lissianthus, Rosemary and Wax Flower Blossom attached randomly
The Poseur Tables had clusters of four rectangular vases tied together one with Purple Prince Tulips, Deep Purple, one with purple Hyacinth, Green Hydrangea and Green Shamrock in the other, the gorgeous menu's were printed in house at The Grand by Derek
An over sized Martini Vase in the centre complete with a floral cocktail of Schwartzwalder Callas, Viburnum Opulus and White Lilac, surrounded by smaller Martini Vases again each with their own individual floral cocktail designs

Flower design Events Reflections Table design, with a central column vase filled with Purple Prince Tulips, surrounded by two sizes of column vase again filled with a single flower hand tie bound with complimentary ribbon all reflected in the large mirror plate below.

A raised design on a glass cake stand surrounded by a spring nest of branches and beads, the simple vases in the centre contain Sweet Peas, Trachelium, Tulips, Roses and Viburnum Opulus
Two very simple yet elegant contrasting LSA vases, the Green one includes a Green Goddess Arum Lily, Shamrock and Hydrangeas, and the Deep Purple One includes, Liatris, Hyacinths, Deep Purple Tulips and Branches dripping in pearls

The Welcome Vase of Liatris, Green Goddess Arums, Avalanche Roses, Hydrangeas and Shamrocks

How fabulous does that menu sound, my mouth was watering!!!!

A Three Tier cake stand with each vase wrapped in a contrasting ribbon and filled with Hydrangeas, Shamrock, Roses, sweet Peas and Viburnum Opulus

Another raised design with the Cymbidium Orchids attached in moss covered test tubes around the design, in the centre the vases are filled with Tulips, Trachelium, Roses and Hydrangeas.
Thank you so much to Mandy for choosing Flower Design Events to create her Birthday Flowers


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