...More Images from the "Photography Jamming Session" at TGHM & Twelve, Featured Photographer The Fabulous Neil Redfern

It's such an unusual and brilliant opportunity to be able to see images of the same models, in the same spaces, taken at about the same time by a number of excellent and very different photographers, it really does show each photographers personal style.
These images are from the very lovely and talented Neil Redfern, though there aren't a huge amount of flower images here (which makes me a bit sad but hey ho!), the people pictures certainly make up for it!!!! all of the photographers took some beautiful, beautiful pictures of our daughter Olivia, the ones that Neil took however are the ones that truly represent her, there's an innocence, naturalness, inner beauty and actually she looks like the Olivia I know and love!!! (incidentally all of our family have a completely different opinion on this, but then this isn't their blog is it!!!). Neil is very creative and arty, I liked the way he worked on the day, he thought very carefully about each of the model/fashion shots, so I was surprised when I saw so many repartage images, I hadn't noticed him taking them, but then that's the way it's supposed to be isn't it!
Our lovely Olivia

The very beautiful Emily, with sumptuous wedding bouquet of raspberry Amaryllis

Olivia & Amy, Amy has a wedding bouquet of Cyclamen, Dendrobium Orchids and Anemones

The Photographers at work

Jonny Draper (Organiser of the shoot, as a consequence he didn't take many shots, though he does appear to have something missing in this particular image) with Katy Lunsford and Hannah Dornford May Stephanie OakesAnurag Sharma from Shutterleaf Photography

Olivia with a lovely floral Pommander

Jonny giving photography advice to student photographer Emily Martin she's studying for her degree in photography at the Blackpool campus The super lovely Tom Harrington of Silk Wedding Videos, here's a link to the film of the day Love these shots...

Amy is so beautiful, here she's carrying a dynamic green wedding bouquet

Olivia's weding bouquet was created from a collection of Orchids, Ranuncula Roses and Schwartzwalder Calla Lilies

Amy stood between two fabulous pedestal designs of Euphorbia Fulgens and Cymbidium Orchids Amy carrying a gorgeous bouquet of Grand Prix Roses & White Nerines

Here's some links to the other photographers Images from this fabulous day: Katy Lunsford, Anurag Sharma, Stephanie Oakes, Hannah Dornford May


Linda MPH said…
Lovely images as always Jane. Maybe you could get a photography group going for amateurs to take pictures of your lovely flowers.

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