Sensational Wedding Bouquets, Beautiful Images by Anurag Sharma of Shutterleaf Photography

This set of extremely elegant images are by my dear friend Anurag Sharma of Shutterleaf Photography, his fresh flower images are seriously awesome, I adore how crisp and "readable" they are, each bloom can be seen clearly, and the overall designs are beautifully photographed giving the viewer a true picture of how our bouquets were intended to be seen and enjoyed!
This first cascade style wedding bouquet of Magenta Cyclamen, Ivory Dendrobium Orchids and black centered Anemones, was stunning in real life but this image some how intensifies and magnifies its gloriousness, I love it!

This elegant "liquid" filigree bouquet of Red Nerines, Ranuncula Roses, Skimmia, Amaryllis and Darcey Roses is perfect for the strikingly tall willowy Emily and even more perfect with this slinky David Fielden Gown from the White Closet.

In these images our very own beautiful Olivia is wearing a gown by Charlotte Balbier also from The White Closet we've created a fabulous Vintage style bridal bouquet of Orchids to compliment the gown

This seriously striking Green and raspberry wedding bouquet was modelled by the equally striking Amy it was designed to compliment this mega stylish Green wedding gown by Claire Pettibone again from The White Closet. This rather unusual bouquet included Cambria & Paphiopedilum "Ladies Slipper" Orchids, Pale green "Absynthe" Carnations, Amaranthus "love Lies Bleeding" and a majestic plume of Steel Grass threaded with seed pearls.

Besides being a superb model Amy Rhodes is also a successful jewellery designer and owner of Coco & Me, her work is innovative, youthful and quite gorgeous
This is one of Amy's designs, I love the concept of this piece, it is a a fresh Rose Petal taken from one of our Bridal Bouquets, Amy's imortalised it in silver, so much better than a pressed a dusty wedding bouquet me thinks!!!!

The Gardens at The Great Hall at Mains

Love Olivia's expression on this one

This wedding bouquet is all about the texture, Glossy Anthuriums, Spiky Orchids, Black Pearlescent Berries, Voluptuous Parrot Tulips, Angelic Miniryllis, Nerines, Lime Green Ladies Slipper Orchids, Mysterious Black Schwartwalder Calla Lilies
and Velvety Albiflora Bruneii

Emily again in a David Fielden Gown, carrying this palyful design a hot pink Pommander

Emily is wearing a really complex Claire Pettibone gown and carrying a very complex Flower Design Bouquet Perfect!!!!

These images were all taken at a fabulous photoshoot at Twelve and The Great Hall at Mains, the gowns were all provided by The White Closet, West Didsbury, the models Make up was done by the wonderful Emma Draper MUA, huge thanks to Anurag for providing the images for todays blog posting


Adele said…
Great Photos, love his work!
And yours too of course !
I think the long stemmed bouquets are stunning! All of these ideas are gorgeous!
trellis said…
I love the photos there. What beautiful women.

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