Christmas Window Dressing at Flower Design 2010

We're going for a bit of a "White Out" this year with our two front windows, we've used a lot of very natural materials and given them a frosted forest kind of vibe.

Katarina has used lots of fabulous willow, hazel, medalino, mosses and filigree work to create a magical winter woodland landscape, with a vortex styled design giving a real sense of movement to the entire window display.

Bare Branched "Spooky Trees" alongside "Witches Hat Trees"

Snowball arrangements arranged in groups And Fallen star designs
Shining Light table centrepiece

A close up of the Vortex design

I love the magical feel of this window display, I hope it inspires you for some very magical fresh designs for your Christmas tables and around your homes.


Priscila said…

Gorgeous window dressing! The white tree branches look so effective all lit up!!
sheree said…
Oh my goodness these are AMAZING! I'm actually going to go out of my way to drive past tonight just to have a closer look! Absolutely love them, my favourite xmas windows by a mile!!!!! Love Sheree xxxx

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