November Private Dinner at Number One South Beach

Number One is an exceptional smaller venue , a jewel in the crown of our Fylde Coast, it's ideal for private dinners & business meetings alike, this dinner was a bit of both, so Mark head chef and owner had asked for us to create some simple designs to include Lancashire's Red Rose and a touch of Tangerine for BFC We'd arranged posies of Cherry Brandy, Grand Amore & Red Ribbon Roses in Mirror Cubes, simple and luscious

I paid Mark a visit in the kitchen whilst he was preparing a delicious Lancashire feast for his guests, the Steak & Kidney Puddings were being lined, Lancashire Hot Pot was well under way

Eccles Cakes Yummy
A very "Happy" honestly he is Chef Mark
If you are looking for a fab place in Blackpool to stay, look no further, the bedrooms are stunning, the service sublime, food delicious and the Chef, well he's just an aquired taste!


Hahaha!!! Love it! I'll bet Mark loves you even more now!

More than what Jonny? of course he loves me, I am one of the very few people allowed in that kitchen!!!!
The flowers look gorgeous, they finish off the tables perfectly!!
Sorry can't do anything with the Grumpy Chef! Pictures don't do the flowers justice - think it must be the bright lighting as the tables looked truly stunning!
You're so right about the Eccles Cakes and we thought there may not be enough left for the guests as we'd all been eating them throughout the day including the Grumpy Chef!
Jane's flowers, Grumpy Chef's food - wonderful combination!!
Claire, "The Grumpy Chef" is just perfect & I for one love him!

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