Mrs Jackson's Very Special Birthday Bash

Mrs Jackson is such a wonderful client of ours that when we were asked to create some beautiful flowers for her very special birthday party we were all very excited.
Mrs J knows her blooms, she has superb taste, particularly in fresh flowers, the party was held at her Son & Daughter-in-Law's house (huge friends of ours) we were familar with the space and the ecclectic decor, the vivid colours and fabulous views out to sea. I wanted the flowers to be organic, to dissolve into the room and become a part of the celebrations.
The only brief we had was to ensure I left enough space on the tables for dinner plates and wine glasses
from the feed back we've had in the shop from guests at the party the designs were a huge hit and greatly admired.
I used a vast array of different flowers four varieties of Vanda Orchid alone, Germinis, Agapanthus, Scabious, Roses, Sweet Heart Anthuriums, Celosia, Stocks, Sweet Peas, Proteas, Sweet Williams, Veronica, Mokara Orchids, Phalenopsis Orchids and Calla Lilies
I arranged the small vases on the many shelves throughout the house
Peter hung the Vanda & Phalaenopsis from the ceiling

Our work here was done, Shannon, Peter & Jason were worthy assistants, we all enjoyed a fab Thai take away before making our weary way home, the party was the following day!


Wow! That's a hell of a dining room!!!!!

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