Vanessa & Pat Sharples "Summer Fete" Wedding Day

We all had the most spectacular day on Saturday, as ever our Saturday began whilst most of you were still snuggled in your beds, Jas & I were up and at Flower Design HQ by 5:30 and my team were loaded up and ready for action by 7:30, up ladders and enjoying their work by 8:00 (I think Malcolm was possibly enjoying it more than he should, but that's another story!)

St Cuthbert's is one of my all time favourite Churches, it has everything - Bells, Red Carpet, Lytch Gate, Fabulous Choirs and music department, Beautiful interiors, gorgeous exterior and best of all a completely sublime Minister; Canon Andrew Clitherow and who could ask for more than that? Once our ground work was completed at Church we switched our attention to the Marquee back at the family home in Lytham, our brief was simple "A Complete Riot of Colour" a "Summer Fete" Vibe, lots of fun, joy and happiness.

The girls were very excited to see the work coming together....

Vanessa our most gorgeous of brides even took up her position at the top table, trying it for size...

Karen & Carol joined her And all the bridesmaids got into the spirit of it too
The colours looked so delicious a bit "Cath Kidston" me thinks...

Then the bit I get nervous about every week, the bridal bouquet hand over, but all was well Ness was delighted!
And the perfume of the Sweet Peas was enjoyed ...

by everyone
The all important and seriously essential Flower Design Bouquet holding lesson

Then back to St Cuthbert's to complete the indoor flowers, light the candles and water everything, it was soooo hot on Saturday
We'd used a Hurricane lamp in the centre of the pedestal, it really works in this particular church to illuminate the designs
The Pews were dressed with simple nosegays of fresh Sweet Peas, Germini's in a riot of colour and some of Bride's Mum Carol's favourite Pinkalina Gypsophilia
The mural in St Cuthbert's is exquisite so I'm very careful not to distract from the view of it, though it's tempting to place higher designs on the pew ends I think it's more important to be sympathetic to the decor.
Bird Cages in the porch
And the Buttonholes and Corsages in readiness for the Groom's Party to arrive

We'd dressed the door area with a gentle sweeping garlanded arch, Bay trees complete with Sunflowers & Roses and a couple of luscious Nephrolepis Ferns
The path way was lined by hanging lanterns filled with red rose petals and tied with a profusion of bright ribbons.
Pat, Ness' handsome groom, his buttonhole consisted of a David Austin Patience Rose, fresh Lily of the Valley, Sweet Peas and Muscari

There were some very "Hot" ushers all of whom were wearing Patience Roses in their Buttonholes

The legendery St Cuthbert's Lytch Gate in all its glory
The Groom's parents
The lovely Chris was totally in charge of the Grooms Men and did a magnificent job, they were all brilliant, a wedding of this size really needs some gentle management and these guys were superb.The Bridesmaids and Vanessa's glamorous sisters & Mum arrived
Sally looked so beautiful, we'd made her a delicate corsage of raspberry pink and ivory sweet peas

The Bridesmaids were wearing Patience Roses in their hair
A little bit of tucking in required, but team work ladies, that's what it's all about and these girls were brilliant all day carrying out their duties to perfection.
Gorgeous Karen and lovely Lily with her basket of fresh rose petals

Then the Bride and she looked completely "Blissful"
This is the very best photograph I could take of the really lovely photographer David from "Blink" in Leamington Spa, he never stopped so he was hard for me to capture, he was such a gentlemen too, I can't wait to see his work, I have a suspicion it's going to be incredible.
OK so we're all present and correct
"Lights Camera Action..."

And can I just say "How Gorgeous?!"

The procession was lead by the Bridesmaids followed by Sally & Freddie & Karen & Lily, with our beautiful Bride and her wonderful Dad completing the picture

Canon Andrew Clitherow was waiting at the door to meet the bridal party

As the Bridesmaids went ahead I was tasked with straightening the gown before Vanessa headed up the aisle, a little job I know, but I was quite nervous!

The Gospel choir were phenominal and throughout the service we'd danced, swayed, clapped and sang, which honestly makes for a thoroughly great wedding.

Huge congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs Sharples from all of the events team here at Flower Design

Carol is just so elegant, we'd created her corsage of Lily of the Valley & rolled Faith Rose petals

Vanessa's wedding bouquet included David Austin's Patience Roses, Fresh Lily of the Valley, Muscari, Sweet Peas in violet & ivory and deepest darkest purple Tulips all totally scrumptious
Whilst all this was going on my fabulous team of Rachel, Malcolm & Nicola were busy removing the flowers from Church
So that we could all head off to the Marquee and re-position everything there
We were then replaced by Jason's team who were there to organise the rose petal confetti, (Though my fabulous Ushers already had it all under control) but they did manage to capture some lovely shots for me.

Back at the family home the amazing Victoria from Clifton Arms Catering was all ready to recieve the guests.... A Floral Chandelier prevented guests from bashing their heads on the low light fitting and it looked spectacular too.

Welcome Ring on the back gate leading through to the garden "Sir Bernard of The Clifton Arms" had his team all ready and raring...

A choice of BollingerOr Pimms

The tables were named after Ski resorts
I love this Top Table design, we've (Well Jane from Trinity has) christened it "Reflections"
The Passion flower garland looked beautiful

I adore the colour it looks so magical The Cake
The Marquee was by my good friend Ken from CK Marquees
Each table was dressed with a selection of tied posies in vibrant colours

The tables themselves were set immaculately, Victoria from The Clifton Arms is a perfectionist and her tables are just beautiful
Fresh Lily of the Valley Single Peony
Gracia Creme
Craspedia & Aqueliga
Double Tulips
Forget me not

Germini's Red Grand Prix Roses, Orchids & Achillea

The totally lovely and completely fabulous Victoria who is at the moment on maternity leave!

Then the guests started to arrive back
I do love Bridesmaids that keep hold of their bouquets

Mandy and her gorgeous sons

Some of the pew ends were used on the backs of the chairs
Two tone Hydrangeas

Single Peony & Papillion Hydrangea

Our work here was done, time to leave the guests to enjoy...

Canon Clitherow & I
This really was a full on Flower Design wedding and we all felt honoured to be involved so my heartfelt thanks to Carol & David Webb for hiring us! xxx


This has to be one of my favourites.. the variety of flowers and contrasting colours is wonderful. The day looks brilliant and sooo much fun!!
Adele Yeomans said…
What a fabulous 'riot' of colours many flowers I couldnt keep up with the varieties.
Looks like a real fun day and such gorgeous weather too.
Loulabelle said…
Wow what a fab array of flowers! The church looked stunning!!!

I have been pondering sunflowers and this confirms that they look fab at weddings, thanks x
Awesome stuff JT!!!

What a party that must have been!

LOVE all the colours and variety of flowers used - you guys are big time at the top of your game!


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