Flower Design Afternoon Tea Demonstration with Rowley's Catering, Howard Wing & Photographs by Jonny Draper

Date for the next Afternoon Tea 25th March 2010 tickets £20.00 SOLD OUT
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Welcome to a very Romantic afternoon at Lytham Hall, I thought I'd begin with the flowers working my way up to the people, though the designs were created with very specific people in mind, (The names have been changed to protect the innocent)....


So my first design created for the man who wants to send something other than red, he's a "Happy Chappy" lots of fun to be with, makes you laugh, he's tall, he's handsome, he's hot and so are the Sunflowers, he's not cheap (v.important) this baby would cost him in the region of £60-£80 and will last ages, and hopefully so will the fun! ~

Now this one's in a different league of love and lust, this design is from a "Secret Love", he's deep and complex, he's imaginative, he adores chocolate as much as you do and these "Hot Chocolate" Calla Lilies are far less fattening than the real thing, he's not flashy and he's got exquisite taste after all that's why he chose you! and he spent a very sensitive £55-£70 on you.~

Now this one's for the more elaborate planner, he's cooking you a fabulous dinner, he suspects you'll appreciate a bit of candlelight, this man like cushions & soft furnishings, buys massaging oil and will run you hot bubble bath and light the Jo Malone candles around it for you, he knows how to please you and he wants to do it, what more could anyone ask for. The candelabras (to hire) Flowers from £80 each ~
This is the one for me, the man who's prepared to give you his heart, his life and his credit card! he doesn't just love you he adores you, worships the ground you walk on, this heart of Vintage Roses says it all from around £100.00 depending on how large you'd like it!

This design is for the man that likes to buy things that are functional, a place for everything and everything in it's place and there's nothing wrong with that, he pre-measures the space for the flowers he's purchased to live, he isn't spontaeneous but who says he has to be, you know exactly where you are with a man that buys you a "Fireplace Arrangement" From £75~
Young, youthful, lighthearted, carefree, I remember those days, but this guys got taste by the bucket load, he knows his stuff, he's on trend, and he gets it! Lots! and this little bundle of love is going to cost him around £40
Enough of the flowers, here's a plate of Rowley's fabulous afternoon tea savouries, delicious The Creation process

The Heart Throb Howard Wing
Chriss from The Great Hall at Mains with her seriously glamorous mum
Yet another heart throb Mr Paul RowleyNow some gorgeous girls
Rebecca from Browsholme Hall

Deborah from Rose Court
Sandra Webb from The Dalmeny

Howard serenading Mrs Plant & Mrs Kendrick

"Mr Cool" Jeffrey from Rose Court
The very gorgeous Sarah Rowley

All of thses splendid images were taken by Mr Valentine himself Jonny Draper


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