Flower Design "Roses in the Moonlight" Wedding at Lytham Hall

The most important aspect of the day we wanted to portray in the flowers was that of openness and honesty. Pure, fresh flowers that represent traditional values and vintage romance. We named the wedding ‘Roses in the Moonlight’ and selected subtle flowers; ivory roses and Lily of the Valley, mixing deep moonlit blues and clotted creamy ivories through to golden candlelight to create something uniquely classic.

The statement is made in the intricacy and respect of tradition. The venue itself evokes nostalgia and is reminiscent of the vintage look we are going for. We wanted to enhance this by making tiny nosegays of fresh herbs as table favours and naming the tables after them. Our ideal was to have achieved effortless, truthful beauty that is almost inherent and never ending.

The Gold Room at Lytham Hall is such a special room, perfect for the very serious business of exchanging wedding vows.

We'd dressed the Mirror Tables with fabulous pedestal style designs of fresh Delphinium, Gentiana & Pale Blue Hydrangeas, the ivory roses make sense of the stauesque Pillar candles within the designs. The Groom, Ian wanted a beautiful red rose "Grand Prix" to be left on his seat so that he could present to his bride when she arrived as he had done on their first date.

Ian's Buttonhole of Akito Rose, Rolled Petals, China Grass & Eryngium

Andrea's "Non Bridesmaid" who wore a simple corsage of ivory Calla & Roses.

Ian & his Lovely Mum

The guests were ready and waiting patiently for the arrival of Bride
Andrea's Bouquet included lots of very delicate flowers that complimented the lace jacket, I included Akito Roses, Gentiana, Eryngium, Blue Delphinium, Lily of the Valley & Stephanotis.
Andrea's Mum wore a corsage in Black & Cream
Andrea looked totally gorgeous

Ben from Rowley's pouring the Champagne, we dressed the the tray with a little posy of herbs.
The table designs in the West Wing were a combination of high & low, table stands and silver fruit bowls filled with fresh flowers

Each guest was presented with small posy of fresh herbs
The tables were named after the fresh herbs
Lucy from Rowley's

The West Wing looked quite magical once we'd brought all of the ceremony flowers through

The lovely uber handsome Ben Glover from Rowley's I have to say they really do do a spectacular job, their food always looks so delicious and their organisation is second to none. Paul Rowley with the Bride & Groom (Paul is always there to oversee each event)
Huge Congratulations to Andrea & Ian they are the most fabulous couple

Andrea & Ian's wedding was on the 15th September their official photographer was the lovely Raymond Thomas and the following three lovely images were taken by him

Dream Catcher Bridal provided Andrea's gown


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