Mandy & Stephen Greenhalgh's Cappucino Coloured Wedding Bouquets & Boutonniere's

The bouquet I created for Mandy was in a “Flower Design” hand tied style with Amnesia and Metalina Roses, Quick Sand and Avalanche Roses, Hypnose and Green Tea Roses, Black Dill, Jasmine, Black Inga Berry. Sedum, Crocosmia, Jasmine, Grevillea, Rosemary, Umbrella Fern, Butter Splash laurel, Dracena, Bruneii, Eucalyptus and Grasses. The bouquet was finished with a tulle handle covered in the brides own fabric taken from the hem of her wedding gown. (In Mandy's trial Bouquet we'd used a pale green shaded Illusion but when the Illusion Roses arrived on Friday morning they were a particularly strong shade of pink so we used Green Tea instead)
The Bridesmaid's carried smaller versions of the bridal bouquet again with handles covered in the same fabric as their bridesmaid's gowns

The Corsages were created using individuall rolled petals taken from Quick Sand & Amnesia Roses.

The Groom's Boutonniere incorporated a Quick Sand Roses, Sprigs of Crocosmia, Grevillea, Steel Berry, Ruscus & Rolled Dracena Leaves, Rosie incorporated a golden Bullion sphere and wrapped the stem with the same.

The Three cake tops graduating in size were designed to compliment the rest of this exquisite wedding.
Mandy has such wonderful taste and is such a beautiful bride we wish her and her Groom an extremely happy life together.


Every bit of perfection ~ Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous! Regards ~ Rebecca
Absolutely stunning!!
Toronto Florist said…
I love your ideas. Absolutely gorgeous!
Lovely bouquets! Wish I can also learn to make like that. I'm been looking for topics as interesting as this. Looking forward to your next post.

All flowers are really beautiful! It's good ensemble and good design. Great!

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