Jack Dee is Coming to Lytham next Week!

SilverDell Bookshop of Kirkham has asked us to decorate the stage with some seiously fabulous flowers at
Lowther Pavilion for a very special evening...
“In Conversation with”
Jack Dee

SilverDell of Kirkham and Friends of Lowther Pavilion join forces once again in bringing you another fantastic evening, you may remember my posting on their Julian Clarey event.

27th October 2009
7.00pm for 7.30pm

Signing his newly released Autobiography
“Thanks for Nothing”

Jack will be giving
A talk followed by
a question and answer session
and will sign and personalise copies of his new book

Ticket £20.00 each
Price includes a copy of the book
For more information contact SilverDell
01772 683 444

For the first time, comedian Jack Dee reveals the highs and lows of his early life and disastrous day jobs. You don't just wake up jaundiced and bitter; it's taken Jack years of dedication and commitment to brew his unique cocktail of disillusionment and bile. What turned this once optimistic young man into a grumpy middle-aged git? Was it working in an artificial-leg factory? Or delivering incontinence pads for the NHS? Or was it the time when he was shunned by his peers for daring to thrash a one-armed man at tennis? In this hilariously frank account of his life, Jack finally answers the question, 'So how did you get started in comedy then'? Along the way, he shares his blatantly unreasonable views on everything from personal trainers to boutique hotels, via the overrated moon landing and 'people who hold their cutlery the wrong way'.
Don’t miss out and book your tickets now !


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