Flower Design Trip to Kendal

Our very gorgeous "Bride to be" Nicky, we travelled up to the Lakes to do a walk through of Nicky & Christopher's superb wedding venue; The Castle Green Hotel, Kendal.

We met up with Nicky & Chris's uber enthusiastic photographer Lorraine from Bowness Wedding photography, Lorraine and I are old friends as Lorraine has family on The Fylde and also does lots of weddings here to.

The grounds around this hotel are simply divine and I can imagine that the photographs on the day will be magnificent. Lorraine walked Nicky through all of the spots she'd earmarked for certain photographs.

The gardens were full of spring bulbs bursting with colour.
This whole area is undulating hills and valleys.

The blossom trees looked magnificent.

Then we arrived back to the very flat scenery of The Fylde Coast, equally as beautiful but in a completely different way.


Bornay said…
nice place! seeing this I remember I need some holidays jejje:)
Adam Hill said…
what a view ! , hope you had a great mothers day this year too

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