Flower Design Goes Bananas for Fairtrade

Flower Design are handing out FREE Bananas to anyone who would like to ...

Be Part of the worlds biggest Fairtrade Banana eating record attempt. Join in by eating a Fairtrade Banana anytime between noon on Friday 6th March & noon on Saturday 7th March Emma & Gary "Going Bananas" & baskets full of free bananas at flower Design
This is Brian from The Grand Hotel in St Annes he's "Going Bananas"

Mavis the Monkey is "Going Bananas"

Our wonderful St Annes Postman "Going Bananas"

Me, Sharon & Louise all "Going Bananas"

Our Banana Tree in Flower Design

Emma is Bananas


ABC Video Blog said…
Looks like you've been having fun 'Going Bananas!'

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