Sexy Flowers at Flower Design; The Complete Devotion Hand Tie

The Complete Devotion Hand tie of 80cm Grand Prix Roses £150.00

The Flower Room in Flower Design is a blaze of colour and spring choice.
Beautiful Anemones in glass cubes.

White Lilac, Cezanne Rose

Diadeem Spray Rose

Schwartzwalder Calla & Red Lion Amaryllis

My very good friend Sue McKenna so overcome by our super sexy flowers that she has already selected her Valentines Bouquet, we do have a number of ladies that pre-select their gifts in anticipation of a number of orders for Valentines Day, we also have a number of gents who order a number of Valenties gifts fo an array of different ladies, may be it's simply the gorgousness of our flowers that prompts such generosity and Romance......

Susan has chosen "The Devotion Bouquet" as her Valentines gift from Mike, Sue's husband is indeed devoted, the question is "Is your Man devoted enough to order the Devotion Bouquet?"


The sexy flowers at flower design are excellent. Have a look at theme

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