The Sea Inspired Wedding at The North Euston Hotel Fleetwood

So here we are at The North Euston Hotel in Fleetwood and a what splendid venue this is. This wedding was for a fabulous couple who owned a fishing trawler, they both were passionate about the sea and really wanted to incorporate it into their table centre pieces
We used a variety of high and low vases, these were layered with coloured sand, sea shells and coloured water, with vivid tropical flowers on top

The Groom provided metres of fishing nets to drape along the top table

The North Euston is a fabulous hotel, with one of the most spectacular barrel ceilings on our coast, the room seems to hold an enormous quantity of guests, the staff were seriously helpful and we were offered refreshments which is really nice, the family told us that they were "Knocked out"by the quality of the food but as they supplied the fish I'd think they would be all of that said though it just goes to show what a great all round wedding venue The North Euston is.


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