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My wonderful husband and I planned to have a romantic evening in, just the two of us, the girls had their plans and we had ours!

So we selected a menu that pleased us, A little Retro we thought, something nostalgic but delicious, Coquille St Jacques with a bottle of the most amazing Puligny-Montrachet I have ever tasted, we moved on to a fabulous Canon of Lamb with creamed potatoes and Spring Greens the recipe is from an old Gary Rhodes book and is a re-construction of Irish Stew sounds awful but tastes amazing with a bottle of Cote De Beaune and then we finished off with a fabulous Nigella inspired Lemon Tart, my cooking was as you might expect superb! not really but it was done as always with bags of passion, I use the words "inspired by" to describe the fact that I never have the correct ingredients or my glasses at hand so therefore can't really follow the recipes accurately, its all a bit of guess work.
For me the most essential thing is to get the meat right, I use a superb butcher in North Shore quite near where we live Nigel Wilkinson on Holmefield Road, he seriously knows his stuff and prepares and butchers with care and a passion that is oh so familiar to me.

Jason always does the shopping, this is our arrangement and it works for us, he always goes open minded and finds out what Nigel's got that he thinks is really good and then we plan the rest of the menu depending on that, It's a bit like "Ready Steady Cook".

The flowers of course are my next uber important selection, now this is my choice based on the atmosphere I want to create. So for this particular evening I was looking for Romance, Passion, Heat so what would be better than beautiful "Passion Roses" and Red Nerines with some beautiful White Amaryllis, Red Berries and Phalaenopsis Orchids.

I also seriously love candles, I love the movement of flickering flames (Or perhaps our house is draughty), I very much like how greatly candle light improves my features I look softer and less wrinkly! Jason also looks better (This could also be the effects of the wine).

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Get a little Romance in your lives cook him/her up a treat!


Anonymous said…
You 'n the big man are so loved up I like it!

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