Jason's 40th

Our house complete with emergency chairs, flowers were masculine and golden. Champagne & Clementines

My family

Table favours

This is our floral Christmas Tree

How Gorgeous, My Husband, My Olivia & My Bex, I must be the luckiest person alive! well actually perhaps Jason is!

Rebecca & Sue

Mike McKenna

The exceptionally beautiful Shannon, she is such a "Boho dresser" and my girls were in awe of her personal style, the boots and the glasses were a big hit.


Rachel from "Be My Guest" she looked after the kitchen and helped with waiting on, her father Nigel Wilinson provided the very best beef we have ever eaten in our lives!

Susan Mckenna " My Grapefruit has re-hydrated"

Mark made the most beautiful and the hottest canapes on earth!

You may observe that my bestest buddy Claire and myself are omitted from the photographs that were all taken by Olivia, I think that our beautiesness overwhelmed her and she didn't want the rest of them to look bad!

Shannon's Boots

Thank you our special friends for making this such a special evening for Jason, his gifts are superb and I am so glad that you all realised how important it was to select gifts that I could share in!


Ben Glover said…
Some Great Pictures There Jane, Jason Looks Positively... Well.. Drunk
Anonymous said…
What a fab night it was indeed. We felt honoured to be included.
An evening at Jane and Jason's is always going to be a special event. I love to pick up little hints and ideas ... we've just hired Rachel for Christmas Eve - hurrah!! I am feeling a little less stressed already.
Anonymous said…
I didn't mean to be anonymous ... not sure why it won't let me use my profile ... anyway ...

Blackpool Landlady said…
What a wonderful evening! Must say I'm so glad Jason has now joined our grown ups special club! How on earth you both managed to create such a special evening during such a busy time is beyond me. Thank you so very much for including us, absolutely wonderful to see you all together again and Jason, many, many congratulations! Lots of love xx
Adam Hill said…
Happy Birthday Jason and Welcome to the forty something Club, although in certain atmospheric lighting conditions I still claim to be a member of the thirty something club !!! Needs Must.

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