Views of St Annes the best place for Christmas Shopping!

We have the lights
We have the atmosphere, Antons on Park Road is a fab cafe bar

Apple Bikes on Orchard Road the only place to buy a Christmas Bike from.

From authentic Rocking Horses and Nostalgic Tin Cars at Heyes on Wood Street

To Russian Dolls also on Wood Street at the Chemist

To Prom dresses from Tye the Knot

A massive selection of stocking fillers at The Little Gem on Garden Street

And full on Trend at Pond

The very best Flower Shop in the world!

Independent Card shops

Fantastic hairdressers, this is the now famous "Stewy Vuittons" salon on Orchard Road next door to Apple Bikes.

Steiff Badgers at Flower Design

Candelabras and Baroque chairs also at FD
Joya on Wood Street, a fantastic night out

Harley Davidsons in Cube on Park Road

Friendly faces also at Cube this Danny the owner and super successful business mogul of Park Road, he shows us all the right way, Quote of the week and best possible idea for St annes "Give all of the traffic wardens the next two weeks off on paid leave!"

Top Marque on Park Road

The handbag boutique on Wood Street

Wood Streets magical trees

Klea on Wood Street

Angel Shop on Orchard Road

Big stores like JR Taylors with the very best selection of gifts

We have amazing shops in The Square

Lots of bargains

So come on down and shop locally we would all be delighhted to see you and so would the traffic wardens they need to keep up their bonuses!


Ben Glover said…
Could not have captured St Annes better there Jane. Have to agree with Danny, fantastic quote there. At the end of the day were not a city were a tiny town with as much to offer. Remove the Parking Fees, Remove the Wardens and lets give more people a chance to see how good we are
Ben Glover said…
If there was one thing you missed it was the hotel with the best christmas lights in the north west

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