The Photographs that went AWOL from Katy & Matt's wedding

The exceptionally glamarous Janet Fenton
This is the beautiful Brides's Mum Margaret The totally wonderful Reverend Martin Keighley

Ladies in very snuggly mink coats Janice & Karen


Anonymous said…
What a glamarous bunch of guests at this wedding Janet Healdlooks younger now tha she did 10 years ago
Anonymous said…
Im sure 2 of these women were some of the older ladies in a choir in Fleetwood, whatever happened to the choir it was lovely.
Beautiful pictures
Anonymous said…
beautiful wedding, the wedding planner was very passionate about the wedding and making sure it was exactly how she wanted it. Im needing someone to plan my wedding for me as i dont have a clue where to start.
Where do i find this lady?

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