Christmas Flowers from Holland to Flower Design hand selected and chosen for you!

Jason and I went to Cultra on the AAlsmere auction in Amsterdam to select, hand pick and gather our beautiful selection of Fresh flowers for you our seriously revered and loyal customer this Christmas time, everything we had chosen was delivered to us this morning and is now on display in our shops.

We want to provide you with the very best blooms available at a sensible price, we can not compete with the Supermarkets on price of low grade Chrysanths & short grade Carnations nor do we want to, but we can totally wipe the floor with them on quality and selection of exquisite blooms, there is nothing better than hand selecting each flower, checking the stem length and weight, knowing the history, where they are grown, which packing company and so on. We want you to have the same pleasure so come in and see the selection for yourself, hand pick your own and enjoy every delicate bloom all over the Christmas Holidays.

We are committed to our Industry we want to maintain the value and culture of fresh flowers, our girls and boys are all fully qualified with degrees in art, botany and floristry not to mention a sprinkling of Drama qualifications for that bit of theatre that belongs to the arrangement and display of fresh flowers.

We have every Christmas Spruce & Conifer and evergreen available, variegated Holly with berries, Mistletoe posies and Fir Cones and Lichen Branches, Eucalyptus Pods and Berries, it is a winter wonderland of fresh produce.

The Spring tulips direct from the Bulb Fields in Holland are here in a profusion of shades and varieties just waiting for you!

From exceptionally delicate Hellebores “Christmas Roses” to Unusual Paphiopedilum’s “Ladies Slipper Orchids” and everything in between we have a flower show to knock your Christmas Stockings Off!

The discipline required to go back and take these photos for your pleasure and enjoyment was quite simply imense! We had not slept and done a straight 22 hour work through, but the spectacle is so worth recording.

Wonderful roses that look, smell and feel like the roses of my childhood, not the awful screwed up mean liitle things you see at the supermarket check out.

Mistletoe branches bigger than Jason, what sort of kissing goes on under this bundle of Joy?

Everyone on the auction but me goes everywhere on bycycles I am a bit wimpy and can't take the pain, I don't understand why it hurts so much when I have so much padding around my behind

This is the Christmas Conservatory I'd like but we couldnt fiot it on the carrier!

This is the lovely nativity scene at the entrance to the flower market

We were a little concerned about this sign outside our favourite bakers, if anyone knows what a chipolata pudding is please feel free to comment, but sausages and sweet creme aren't doing in for me on a very rocky ferry crossing to Hull!

The next time I show you these beautiful flowers they will be on display in Flower Design & Kathleens so come in and share a visual feast of flowers! (iNcidentally they are far more fulfilling and far less fattening than food & alcohol)


Anonymous said…
WOW !!! CHECK OUT ALL THESE COLORS !!! I cant wait to see what the Spring Colors bring. You can find these pretty colors and more at dallas flowers.

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