Before & After at Karen & Robert Dawson's House

Karen & Robert came into St. Annes to discuss flower arrangements for a dinner at home today, we decided the best plan would be if they emailed me some photographs of the space that the flowers were to occupy (They live in Pilling so a home visit wouldn't have been practical though if they had lived more locally we would've sent our own photgrapher!).

So the first picture is the dining room before the flowers were added. And now the dining room with the flowers, your table looks really beautiful Karen, I love your chargers.
And this is the fireplace before we've put the flowers in.

And now the fireplace after, make sure you keep spraying with water and top up the bowl with a small amount of fresh water particularly if you are lighting the fire.

Thank you so much for the photographs they are excellent, We all hope you have a fabulous event today and that the flowers and your hospitality are much admired by all your guests.
Flower Design Bespoke Service:
We are always happy to design flowers specifically for spaces in your own home, we will either visit you ourselves to take photos or you can send me the photos and measurements via an e-mail to


Anonymous said…
What a trandformation, flowers make it look like a celebration! Love it M. x
Anonymous said…
what a great idea, before and after, flowers look fab. S x

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