Myerscough College Lecture

I thought I looked quite slim on this picture Jason took, so I put it first, I hope you don't mind!
This a group of second year degree students at Myerscough College.
This is an e-mail I recently recieved from Anne Molloy who currently takes this group for their special event management module. " I am in the process of organising their scheme of work and was wondering if you would consider coming to give a guest lecture giving them a taste of what events are like at the chalk face – as it were?"

I have never given a lecture before, and for those of you who were there I apologise for grossly over running and being very possibly extremely boring.

I was very nervous, although this is my specialist subject I had, had to do a lot of homework I rehearsed the whole thing to Olivia last night, she wasn't too impressed, Jason said I did OK but not to give up my day job.
But all of that said it was really nice to meet a bunch of very enthusiastic florists, with lots of questions and opinions. We did discuss a great deal about respecting each other (Fellow Florists that is) and respecting the profession of Floristry. I thoroughly enjoyed being amongst you all and hope that you will ask me again.
If you remember nothing else remember to be a believer (not in Flower Fairies) if we don't believe in the value of flowers, how can we convince our clients to?


Anonymous said…
Thank you for the demonstration today, it was a really nice insight into corporate events along with future wedding projects. I think your work is beautiful, and this lecture would be a particularly good in-sight for future students at myerscough.

Thanks again
Laura Tomlinson
Anonymous said…
You do look slim, we all know you can talk a lot so heaven help them, I'm sure they loved you though!
Anonymous said…
Ooooo Jane! Too right put it first! Looking fab darling! Little Emily
Anonymous said…
The talk you gave seems a life time ago now but alot of the things you said have stuck! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Looking forward to seeing your dem at the end of march,


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