Vote For Your Favourite Door Wreath to Find the 2011 King or Queen of the Flower Design Wreath Makers

I hope you'll love these fabulous door wreaths and the great images by Jonny Draper.
Please post a comment at the end of this posting to vote for your favourite Christmas Door Wreath, let us know why you like it best, the winner will be crowned King or Queen of the Wreath Makers and will be presented with a huge bouquet of glorious fresh flowers on 24th December at Flower Design Events HQ
 No.3, No.4, No.5 (From left to right)
 No.6 & No.7
 No9 & No.10
 No. 11
 No. 12 & No.13
 No.14, No 15, No.16
 No. 20
 No. 21
 No. 22
 No. 23 & No. 24
 No. 25

To Vote all you need to do is...
1. Click on the word "Comment" below
2. Write the Number of your favourite and why you like it.
3. Choose your identity (You may need to open a google account which is dead easy just follow the instructions)
4. You will need to do a little word verifcation 
5. Then Click on "Publish comment" (Your comment won't come up immediately so don't panic)
Closing Date for voting 22nd December at midnight!!!!


NO 19 - I just love its traditional decoration and symmetry - the crinkled tartan ribbon tails gives it aextra interest -
Anonymous said…
Lucky No. 9 - It is a traditional wreath and ticks all the boxes - just lovely x
Hayley Greenaway said…
I Vote for Number 9!

It looks so festive and traditional on my Mums front door!

And we had such a great night getting us into the christmas spirit!
Anonymous said…
Number 10 - Traditional elegance with a subtle modern twist.
Closely followed by Number 9
Lisa Minns said…
I vote for no. 9. Love the traditional look and the fullness.
Anonymous said…
Number 10 for festive and fabulous!
Anonymous said…
Number 10 for me festive and fabulous!
Lesley McLaughlin said…
I vote for No 9 - the festive ribbon adds a very nice touch
A Meadows said…
No 9, traditional and perfect to adorn the door of any humble abode at Christmas time!

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