Blackpool Landlady's Birthday

Last night Mark & I had, had a fabulous night out planned for Claire’s Birthday, it involved “Sing a Long Mamma Mia”, Fish & Chips and a trip down the illuminations, what a fab night out I hear you cry! However both Claire and Jason were less than impressed, firstly I think they felt it a bit self indulgent, it was an opportunity for me to sing legally and Mark to dress up in ‘70’s style, we could have thrown diet to the wind and scoffed fish and chips but it wasn’t to be, our ideas were usurped, surpassed in fact by Claire’s better judgement.
Instead we went to “Jali” it’s in the Carlton Hotel on North Promenade, the food was fabulous and the service superb, the front of house lady was really beautiful dressed in a beautiful red sari, the menu took a bit of working out as there was nothing on it that I recognised, we opted for letting our very handsome waiter choose and we weren’t disappointed. (The main reason for this is that I really do need glasses and I can’t read/see anything on a menu).
The conversation was as usual random, we covered topics as diverse as “Credit Crunch” to “Memory Loss” I think this is absolutely an age thing, you know when you think of something to say mid-conversation and find yourself interrupting the flow of chat to get your nugget of humour in before it has completely gone, left your mind utterly, never to return, consequently the four of us end up interrupting one another all the way through the evening, but I’m glad to say never falling out because we are all at that delicate age when memory loss is an issue.
Then you know when you're so full you may just burst, when not another mouthful could possibly pass your lips, well this was the situation when Claire’s lovely chocolate fudge Birthday cake complete with squirty cream and candle arrived, we all love her very much but know one could possibly help, she is a girl with a good constitution and she did give it her best shot! We are very proud! Anyway it’s Mark’s birthday on Tuesday so Mamma Mia here we come!


Alex said…
really love the blog =]
The Style Guru said…
Happy Birthday Claire
Anonymous said…
I went to Jali this weekend following your reccommendation, we had a great meal and the staff were very helpful. Best Regards Jan

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