Rebecca's London Odyssey

This is Camden High Street; you may expect to bump into Pete Doherty or Amy Winehouse on this road or in the markets surrounding it. However you would not expect to see me a boring, sometimes respectable over 40 mother of two or infact my own mother, this is not a place we would ever visit unless that is we were bulldozed into it by my over enthusiastic daughters, now that said, I have to report that it was AMAZING! We loved everything, the energy, the art; the drama and excitement were simply fabulous. Would I go again? Well yes I think so as long as I had my usual minder (Jason) with me, with a man like him you never ever feel intimidated he has pointed out to me on more than one occasion he is "A lover not a fighter". Rebecca’s “Band of Brothers” or housemates as they are more commonly known, not that there is anything remotely common about this bunch or in fact anything remotely Northern, Rebecca is the exception.

So from left to right then, first is Charles a smoker and a would be “Dandy”/ “Country Squire” the hair is deceiving but when you meet him speaking to him is believing, he has an air of mad professor about him which I really liked and an honesty and integrity you don’t see often, but he did seem to get lost quite a bit, separated form the group so to speak and Dave (next in line) a very dependable type accepted the responsibility of locating him and keeping him safe he is after all only 18 and his innocence is endearing, Dave (Non-Smoker) a very good looking chap, snappy dresser (Olivia despairs of men who can’t dress properly and she approved, high praise indeed) he is very seriously committed to a career in theatre perhaps musical? He is a proper Londoner with a cockney accent, this gave him a bit of a loveable cheeky quality, and we were all impressed by how mature his attitude was. Then the very, very beautiful Jayne (Non-Smoker) (The photo really doesn’t do her justice at all and I’m so sorry for that) she is sooo gorgeous luscious lips and huge eyes, she speaks rhythmically and it was an absolute pleasure to listen to her, also her accounts of daily life in this mad household were clear and we all felt we’d had a full and thorough description, she seems to be keeping Rebecca in line and for that I am massively grateful! Last but not least is our very own Rebecca she was thankfully very glad to see us and extremely giddy, but once she had calmed down we saw a more mature, more knowledgeable, more relaxed and much more happy Rebecca than ever before, it’s amazing what seven weeks of doing precisely what you’ve always dreamed of doing can do for you! May be I should try it.

This is the "Vintage Boot" shop in Camden Market that Rebecca works in at the weekend, my mum was looking at the boots, she thought they were all a bit tatty, Olivia had to explain they were all previously owned, she was quite horrified!

An artist friend of Rebecca's at Camden Lock, Olivia in the background looking for inspiration.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for your lovely comments about me, sorry I didn't do this last week but rebecca never told me i could write a comment, so it wasn't my fault.
Love Charles
Anonymous said…
I wish I was there, what a great group of people, so much talent! Rebecca deserves to feel so happy, I am exceptionally pleased for her, I hope we will see her back in Kathleen's over the Christmas holiday. Julie B
I hope so too Julie B, but the Berty & Gerty job is quite demanding on her time and she has to be back in London to work on the 27th December, hopefully we'll have her back in the fold for the week running up to Christmas, fingers crossed!

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