Going Dutch

Holland a land of flowers, as I mentioned in earlier postings we visit Holland regularly throughout the year, we have noticed many changes, not least how much/little we can actually buy now for our Euros.
We have always been inspired and delighted by the Dutch as a nation they are honest, they have integrity, they work hard, they all seem to smoke, no-one has much of a sense of humour, they all look fitter than us Brits (Probably all the bike riding), everyone wears boots & clogs even in the summer, they are mighty tall in fact generally big (including the women) and they are extremely well mannered though not entirely friendly, they make great apple cake and coffee and we like them very much.
Whenever we go we visit the same six or seven wholesalers, there is a vague flicker of recognition but not an out and out welcome, no-one really speaks to you other than the other Brits we see, we don't mind as we have a lot to think about we always add up our purchases as we are going along, Jason always does the calculations from Euro to Sterling from wholesale to retail then we reach a decision to buy or not to buy, now that is the question.
On Monday there was a very different atmosphere, we were pretty much welcomed with open arms, offered coffee every where we went, they gave us pens to help with additions, they helped pack our purchases load our vehicle and even offered discounts (which we will of course pass on to our wonderful customers), these discounts are usually proffered on huge quantity purchases, we generally only buy small amounts.
We were quite taken aback, in one warehouse we were told that we were the first English customers they’d had since July (normally they would expect to serve 10-12 a week) the service and stock here was un-surpassed and they demanded our assurance that we would come back, the thing is we will as a company they deserve our loyalty.
We bought some gorgeous things, some particularly beautiful glass and a collection of exquisite Christmas baubles and masquerade masks, we found some superb ceramics and I was still hugely stimulated by the array of lovely fresh flowers available.
The thing I have learned is this, we Flower Design that is has to be exceptional, we have to be offering our customers wonderful, inspiring flower designs, we have to be warm and welcoming, we need to be good value and we have to actively encourage loyalty. By going to Holland in other words going the extra mile for our customers I truly hope we can hold on to our very valued clients the main thing is even after recession I know we will still be treating our customers with absolute reverence, I wonder if the Dutch will!


Sally said…
Thank you for follwing me! I thought I would come and see you too! What a fabulous job creating floral designs and dealing with flowers all day!
Anonymous said…
JANE! Who is this other Sally? An imposter? Is imitation still the sincerest form of flattery? I await with excitement the answer.......
Dearest Sally, indeed yes, it is the sincerest form of flattery! worry not there is only room for one Sally in my actual life, perhaps some more in my virtual life! on the subject of sincerity remember Oscar's words "In matters of grave importance, style, not sincerity, is the vital thing." and Sally you are superbly Stylish!
Anonymous said…
Jason looks super skinny on that picture! Love Rebecca xxx

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